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Breastfeeding Pads Trial Pack

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Breastfeeding Pads Trial Pack

Breastfeeding Pads Trial Pack

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Enjoy a Breastfeeding Pad Trial Pack from our most popular brands at Apikali. We took this Breastfeeding Pack to the Expo, it was very popular, and we believe you should enjoy it too!

You will receive:

1 * AppleCheeks Nursing Pads 6 cloth pads
1 * Bummis Nursing Pads 4 pads and small storage bag
1 * Fresh Moon black bamboo velour nursing pad, 2 pads
1 * Fresh Moon cream bamboo velour/hemp pad, 2 pads
1 * Planet Wise small wetbag

Save 30% and FREE POST.

These Breastfeeding Trial Pack is perfect for new mothers, breastfeeding mums or baby showers. Each Trial Pack includes 7 sets of nursing pads and 2 reusable wetbags for out and about or storage.

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