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Bummis Potty Training Pants

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Bummis Potty Training Pants

Bummis Potty Training Pants

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Bummis Potty Pants look and work just like undies. The Bummis Potty Pants are designed for your little one to feel wet, helping to make the transition to toilet training easier. Toilet training pants are perfect for little persons who no longer want to wear cloth nappies, but are able to recognise when they need the toilet. 


Type: Training Pants
Cover: PUL and cotton
Inner material: Cotton/microfibre
Fixing: Pull up
Sizing: S, M, L, XL
Manufacturing: Canada
Warranty: 6 months

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says


Bummis Potty Pants looks like undies!

On and off like undies! But there's more than meets the eye... Simple design.

Tailored cut. Extra layers where it counts.


That being said, I know that at some point you’ll be happy to be done with them!

The Bummis Potty Pant will be your little one’s trusty companion for the transition from changing table to big-kid potty.


What’s so great about cloth?

 It lets your little one feel the wetness. Peeing in a potty starts to seem like a better idea after all.


The icing on the cake?

Babies in cloth tend to toilet train SOONER!

Special features of the Potty Pant: Very trim – can easily be worn under clothing.

No fluffy bums here! Looks like underwear – let your little one feel like a big kid! Easy on, easy off.


Accidents? No problem.

Two hidden absorbent layers where it counts. One layer of long loop cotton terry and one layer of microfiber. Long loops help grab that moisture faster, preventing leakage.

Training takes practice! Soft lining made of natural cotton-hemp fabric for maximum comfort and to allow for that helpful sensation of wetness.

Outer layer of waterproof fabric helps prevents leaks. Stretchy lightweight side panels make for a trimmer fit, ultimate comfort and greater adjustability.

Will accommodate little ones of all sizes – from skinny minis to chunky monkeys!




Small         18-25 lbs / 8-11 kg

Medium     25-30 lbs / 11-14 kg

Large         30-35 lbs / 14-16 kg

 X-Large    35 lbs and up / 16 kg and up



Different sizes allow for a perfect fit.

Most kids will toilet train within a few months and will probably wear the same size throughout the process. Saving money form purchases more sizes.

The Potty Pant is absorbent and was designed to prevent leaks when accidents happen.

It was not designed to be as absorbent as a nappy, so may not be appropriate at nap time or bed time for some big-kids-in-training.


Bummis Potty Pant is made with careful attention to detail in their own wonderful factory in the Montreal area, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labour practices. 

Bummis products are guaranteed to be free of lead, phthalates and BPA. 


Please note sizings are given as a guide only. If you are unsure, please contact us so we can assist you to make the right selection.


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