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All in Two (AI2)

The latest in cloth nappy design is the All in Two cloth nappy. There are so many varieties that is can be very confusing. An all in two cloth nappy can be placed in or snapped into the cover. The oldest type of all in two is the prefold and a nappy cover, which is also your cheapest option. 

What to consider when purchasing an AI2: Do you need quick drying time? Do you want to spend a little bit more than the prefold/cover system? Are you happy to snap in inserts to reuse the cover? 

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Check out why we love the brands we have at Apikali.

Learn about the different types of AI2 cloth nappies, from front snapping and side snapping and how to save money to boost your stash further.

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Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip: Purchase one cover to 3 inserts to save ALOT of money!

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AppleCheeks Cover Size 1 (3-9kg)
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Apple Cheeks Insert Pk 2
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Bummis Duo Brite Insert - All In Two
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AppleCheeks Cover Size 3 - 13-30+kg
Average Rating(1)
AppleCheeks Cover Size 2 (8-18kg)
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AppleCheeks Cover - One Size
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AppleCheeks Cover Size 4 - 27-45+kg
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Grovia No Prep Soaker Insert - Pk 2
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Grovia All in Two One size cover - Snap
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Grovia Booster - Pk 2
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Grovia Biosoakers 50 Pk
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Funky Fluff AI2 Flex Cover - One size
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