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Cloth Nappy Companion

Welcome to the Cloth Nappy Companion.

All the information and practical knowledge you need to cloth nappy with success.

You will be guided around Apikali or The Cloth Nappy Doctor blog to answer your most pressing questions.

cloth nappy 101

cloth nappies are cheaper the eco debate cloth nappy styles cloth nappy materials fitted cloth nappies


how to choose a cloth nappy

how to chose a cloth nappy  how to choose a cloth nappy  

how many cloth nappies should i choose

cloth nappy folds prevent cloth nappy leakage end of cloth nappies dealing with poo using cloth nappies after vaccinations

washing cloth nappies

how to wash cloth nappies manage cloth nappy smells fix stains on cloth nappies  how to store cloth nappies

    strip washing cloth nappies

newborn cloth nappies


night time cloth nappies

night cloth nappy omnibus lanolise wool cover soaker alpaca wool soakers heavy wetters night time cloth nappy

out and about with cloth nappies

cloth nappy accessories


incontinence aids for older children


toilet training

swim nappies