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NDIS related orders

Apikali is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. Our provider number is 4050013219.
We are registered to provide washable incontinence aids and accessories for children, through to adults. 
Products that are included, but not limited to, swim incontinence aids/nappies/pants, cloth incontinence aids/nappies/pants, washable wipe systems, boosters, mattress protectors, nappy creams.
Many of our products will meet or fall under the amount allocated in the NDIS price guide. However some items will be more than the maximum amount advised in the price guide, and will result in a copayment to be paid.
Please contact us prior to placing your order to confirm the copayment that may be required. 
Any orders placed on the Apikali website without consult will assume that you agree to pay the copayment, if one exists.
Please contact us for any advice required regarding your continence needs. contact@apikali.com.au

How your plan management option affects your order at Apikali.
If you are NDIA managed, your order will be sent once we have confirmation payment will be received via the NDIS portal. 
If you have a service manager, your order will be sent once payment has been actioned via your plan manager.
If you are self managing, you are required to pay upfront and claim back via the NDIS portal. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.