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Super Starter Pack - Larger Sizes 15kg+ - Save 15%

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Super Starter Pack - Larger Sizes 15kg+ - Save 15%

Super Starter Pack - Larger Sizes 15kg+ - Save 15%

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Using cloth nappies is easy when you have the chance to trial a range of cloth nappies AND the access to supportive and friendly advice. If you are thinking about starting to use cloth nappies for your older child, then our Starter Pack is an easy place to begin.

The Super Starter Pack is designed for those parents who wish to get started with cloth nappies for an older child. The Super Starter Pack is equipped to use cloth nappies during the day or at night with added boosters. We also provide the options between pull up pants and traditional incontinence aids. This Starter Pack is designed for children 15+kg up. 

This Super Pack can also be used as a night time option for older babies and toddlers as there are a mix of boosters included. Feel free to contact us if you would like to 'boost' this pack further.

You will receive:

1 SuperUndies Pull Up or Hero pants - AIO
1 AppleCheeks size 3 or 4 pocket nappy with 2 XL inserts
1 Baby Beehinds XL or XXL pocket cloth nappy

And access to our knowledge and practical advice from The Cloth Nappy Doctor. We will contact you upon posting your Super Starter Pack to invite you to ask all questions you may have. 

Use this Trial pack in conjunction with the Cloth Nappy Doctors Night Time Omnibus to learn how to put together the perfect cloth nappy.

We have chosen the brands of cloth nappies that represent best value for money, ability to customise absorbency for young kids of different ages and are designed to perform as a powerful incontinence aid. 

Please choose the sizing for your child and your choice of print/colour mix. Please contact us if you have any questions.

SuperUndies sizings
Pull up pant

Size 1 - 3 years - waist 41cm - leg 24cm

Size 2 - 4 to 6 years - waist 46cm - leg 28 cm

Size 3 - 6 to 9 years - waist 51 cm - leg 32 cm

Size 4 - 9 to 10 years - waist 56 cm - leg 35.5cm

Sizing is provided as a guide only. Please contact for further assistance if required.

Hero Pull up pant

Size 0 - N/A years - waist 38-46cm - leg 18-25cm

Size 1 - 3 years - waist 41-51cm - leg 21-30cm

Size 2 - 4 to 6 years - waist 46-53cm - leg 23-35cm

Size 3 - 6 to 9 years - waist 51-61cm - leg 28-38cm

Size 4 - 9 to 10 years - waist 56-66cm - leg 32-43cm

* Please note we are unable to guarantee print/colour preferences, but we will offer you the options we have available at time of ordering. We do not offer refunds for unavailable prints/colours.

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