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Apikali stocks the largest range of swim nappies online in Australia. We believe you should have a choice for what will suit your baby when in the pool or at the beach. Its our Aussie culture!!

compare cloth nappy brands at apikaliWe offer OSFM and sized options in swim nappies. Here is a comparison to make it easier for you.

The OSFM are Seedling Baby and Cushie Tushies. Cushie Tushies are very soft, while Seedling Baby has a higher rise. Be aware that these swim nappies will not give as good a fit as the sized options. So if your little one tends to always 'let go' when going for a swim, I would recommend the sized options for more security and peace of mind. We all hate to be that parent at the pool whose kid 'let go'!

The sized swim nappies are are numerous, each having different features to match you needs. Each of these include a lovely lining to provide a barrier between the PUL outer and your babies bottom. 

paddle pants swim nappy

Apikali recently held a competition to win a swim nappy. Here is the winning verse.

My man would love this nappy,
So when he is cr*ppy,
It wont float out, 
And people wont shout,
He can swim around being happy!

Determine your preference, OSFM or size, then pull up, velcro or snap and then choose. Contact me if you would like some further assistance!