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Our Apikali Family

apikali about us
Tennille is your Cloth Nappy Doctor with a PhD in Environmental Economics. Tennille has worked on major environmental issues requiring the use of cost benefit analysis to determine the most sustainable approach for environmental management. After the birth of Abbey, Tennille had to change her career path dramatically. She now uses her skills and knowledge to assist parents in weighing long-term cost savings against short-term needs in daily decision making for their families.

James and Tennille started Apikali to benefit our beautiful and unique daughter, Abigail (and if you think they sound alike, you are right - Abigail was pronounced Apikali by the locals on a tropical holiday some years ago, and it stuck). Abbey has a unique gene mutation, CDKL5 and as a result is severely disabled. Each time we assist a customer, it aids in our future care of Abbey.

Our Journey...

We started Apikali on our dining room table, aka 'The Apikali Warehouse'. We have grown to a 70sqm Warehouse with ordering systems and support staff to help make customer service and fulfillment priority one.

James and Tennille started using cloth nappies 10 years ago with our Abbey and our boys. In early 2012 we noticed how drastically things had changed since then, and how much harder it would be for new parents to choose the right nappy for them and their baby with the variety of materials, brands and styles available, along with all the marketing hype. Our goal, right from the very start, was to simplify and inform potential and current modern cloth nappy users. We believe there is a cloth nappy for every budget and baby.

We are about practical and sustainable parenting, by providing products for parents that have little impact on our beautiful Earth. We are blessed to live on two acres, with rain tanks, a work-in-progress vege patch and our own septic system. What we put down our drain, is directly transferred onto our property.

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We are also surrounded by professionals who understand the needs of women wanting to succeed for their family.

So we hope you will join us on our journey, as parents, as carers, as practical and responsible people. But most importantly, join us as we dream big.

Tennille and James

"Apikali's purpose is to support and encourage eco-conscious families in making small changes that have cumulative, positive effects on budgets and lifestyles. We strive to accomplish this purpose by:

- Providing a choice of reliable, reusable and modern products,

- Sharing our knowledge and experience, and

- Inviting families to join us on our journey to a simpler, less-wasteful life."