Cloth 101: How Many Cloth Nappies?
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Cloth 101: How Many Cloth Nappies?
 12/27/2013  by 

how many cloth nappies do i need

The number of cloth nappies you will need will depend upon three things: how often you wash, age of baby and whether you are part time or full time using cloth nappies. The table below shows how many nappies you will need on a full time basis. Just divide the numbers in half for part time usage.

per day

every day

Washing every 
2nd day
Newborn to 3 months10-1220-2430-36
3 to 6 months8-1016-2024-30
6 months plus6-812-1618-24

This table is used only as a guide for you to determine how many cloth nappies to get started.

If you live in a wet or humid climate, then you may need to purchase more nappies to allow for longer drying times. 

If you want to increase the longevity of your nappies, then increase the number in your stash. This will ensure each nappy is in a longer rotation before being used and washed.

Remember if you are using Fitted or Prefolds, then you will need 4 to 6 Covers, allowing for 2 to 3 in rotation and washing every day. Increase the number required if you are washing less often.

Now where to?

The biggest questions is, what is your budget (Cloth Nappy by Price)? We have available a range of cloth nappies from $3 to $40. So no matter what your budget, you will find a cloth nappy to get started or add to your stash.

Now that you know what is available and hopefully have a better idea about what might suit you, visit our Babies & Toddlers shop to see our personal reviews of the cloth nappies we stock.

Still unsure? Or know what you want, but want to play with the cloth nappies?

Check out the Nappy Library.

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