How To: Drying cloth nappies
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How To: Drying cloth nappies
 12/27/2013  by 

how to i hang my cloth nappies

The best place is to dry cloth nappies in the sun. The sun is the best bleacher and sanitiser. If no sun is available, try undercover in a breeze or near a window. 

To preserve the elastics, hang your nappies from the sides (ie one top and one bottom flaps). This will help prevent the elastic from stretching under the weight of being wet.

If your nappies are not drying, they can be put in the dryer on your lowest setting for a short cycle. Don't do this often as it can ruin the PUL and elastic, and decrease absorbency. Always consult your manufacturer's washing instructions.

Which cloth nappies can I use in the dryer for wet/cold climates?

Most cloth nappy brands recommend to use the dryer sparingly or not at all. However there is one brand which recommends the use of the dryer: Grovia. Grovia AIO cloth nappy recommends the use of the dryer on a low setting. Similarly Baby Beehinds recommends a cool/low setting on your dryer for all of their cloth nappies.

All of the other cloth nappy brands we sell, recommend only using the dryer when necessary and on the lowest setting. 

This question would be most relevant to those living in wet/cold or humid climates of Australia. You have two choices when making your purchase: 1) Purchase cloth nappies which can withstand going in the dryer and does not affect their warranty; or 2) Purchase a bigger stash of cloth nappies to allow for extra days for your cloth nappies to dry. 

Of course, there are also the environmental concerns of using a dryer.

Tips for drying your cloth nappies.

Using a dryer is generally a huge no, no. It can destroy elastics, de-coat PUL and decrease fluffiness of cloth nappies. Not to mention the environmental impacts. But it can be a very handy option when you have been waiting days for your cloth nappies to dry, or you need them now.

This is based on my experience and it is important that you always follow manufacturers instructions to ensure your warranty stays valid.

  • Give your cloth nappies another spin cycle in the washing machine to make sure all of the water is out of them.
  • Find the sunniest and driest room in your home to dry cloth nappies in. This will usually be on the north side of your home.
  • Once you have washed them, give your cloth nappies a short, cool spin in your dryer. This will usually be enough to get them dry with one day.
  • Let your cloth nappies dry for one day, then give them a short/cool spin in the dryer to finish off the drying process.
  • Make sure there is lots of airflow around all pieces of the cloth nappies. Dont bunch them up to save space on your washing line. Also don't fold inserts over the line, hang them with pegs from the top. 
  • Clothes horses are great for cloth nappies. I keep one just for cloth nappies and rotate them according to dryness.
And if they are a bit stiff, give them a good scrunch.


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