No Touching the Solids
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No Touching the Solids

Having a baby or caring for anyone usually involves touching things you don't want too!

Believe me, we know, with 4 kids including our sweet (yet often messy) Abbey.

With Swipes, the reusable wipe, we touch less poo than using disposable wipes. 

Why? Well, each Swipe Wipe is bigger and has more grip on it than a disposable wipe. Disposable wipes tend to smear the solids around, not scoop it up in one place. Our bamboo terry wipes are great at gripping and catching the solid and less than solid bits. That means fewer wipes and less mess, as well as less irritation for little one.  

With bigger wipes your chances of touching poo are pretty minimal. We promise you should touch less poo with Swipes than with a disposable wipe.

How to change the nappy? (Don't worry - no pictures!)

1) Place your offending little person on the change table.
2) Remove any lower body articles of clothing.
3) Undo the nappy (cloth or disposable) ensuring the tabs are laying as flat as possible on the table.
4) Lift their legs up and use the nappy to do the first wipe. (Not always possible, we admit. Poo-splosions are a different beast)
5) Use a Swipe Wipe to clean away the mess. Remember you can fold it over to wipe multiple times per Swipe Wipe.
6) Place your dirty Swipe Wipe in your Mesh Bag of your Laundry Pail. When it is washing day, add the Mesh Bag to your wash. Pour the water from the pail down the toilet.
7) Finished and less poo touching!