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Our Disclaimer


Here at Apikali we strive very hard to ensure all information provided is accurate and up to date. We include relevant supplier's/manufacturer's information that is accurate at the time of writing and updated when advised by the supplier/manufacturer, however Apikali accepts no liability for inaccurate or misleading information, loss or damage resulting from the use of information from this website.  Whilst all care is taken to maintain accurate information, final responsibility for checking the accuracy of product information and suitability of the product rests with the purchaser.

Opinions expressed on this site under the name of 'Apikali Says' are opinions only and should not be used as the sole basis for purchasing products.  

The hints, remedies and advice contained within this website are suggestions only, which includes our blog. Each individual must consider their personal situation before using or accepting any hints, remedies or advice.

Every effort has been made to ensure this website is free from error or omissions. However, the publisher, the author  the editor, the contributing authors, or their respective employees or agents shall not accept responsibility for injury, loss, or damage occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of material in this website whether or not such injury, loss, damage is in any way due to any negligent act or omission, breach of duty or default on the part of the publisher, the author, the editor, the contributing authors, or their respective employees or agents.

This website does not account of individual experiences and is not intended as a substitute for professional advice.

Apikali is not responsible or liable for parcels lost, damaged or misdirected once they leave the Apikali warehouse.

From time to time we may contact with regards to our specials or information relevant to any purchase you make at Apikali.

We reserve the right to changes prices for products at our discretion.