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Parent Love for Swipes

Judy (May 2015) 
"Received my swipes kit (complete) yesterday, and love it. We're not strangers to cloth wipes, but this is our first "system" as such. The pails it came with are amazing quality, and the fresh Pail is compact so it's unobtrusive on the change station. I really love Apikali wipes - they're a good size and love having the different textured sides. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wetbags, softer and thicker than the ones we use for our nappies, making the wipes easy to use out and about! I chose lavender for the fresh oil and the tea tree for laundry, and both are quite strong, so I can see them lasting awhile."

Karen and Little One (Mar 2015)
"Little miss loves her new swipes wipes and wet bag daddy won in the Smelfie competition. Thanks apikali!"

Melissa and Lincoln (Mar 2015)
"the swipes and wetbag are lovely. Lincoln thinks they are super soft, he was rubbing them against his face  Can't wait to use them."

Sammantha (Nov 2014)
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I received the swipes system, I'm so glad the complete kit was on special made it easier for me to get it, it is AMAZING! The wipes are the softest things I've ever touched, bub made her early appearance on Monday so it has been the best thing coming home and not using chemicals on her delicate skin. Thank you so very much! You are awesome! So happy :D merry Christmas to you all xx"

Rowena (May 2014)
"Just thought I'd mention that I love my swipes system!"

Fiona (May 2014)
"I wanted to give you a bit of feedback on the swipes system. We really like it - the wipes are a great size, dry very quickly and don't stain, and we find the two buckets system easy and convenient. "

Danie (Apr 2014)
"Received our swipes kits today, what an awesome system. Wipes are washed and drying waiting for this baby to be on its merry way. Can't wait to start using the swipes system."

Jess (Apr 2014)
"Swipes- Basic Kit from Apikali Nappies
This kit contains: 2x essential oils (fresh and laundry), fresh pail, laundry pail, mesh bag for washing and wipes wetbag.
I found this kit easy to use. It's pretty simple really, half fill both buckets and add nice smelling oils. Add your reusable wipes to the fresh pail and the mesh bag goes in the dirty pail. The included wipes wetbag has 2 pockets, one for clean one for dirty. 
I found I needed less water in the fresh bucket and cut down on the amount I was using (I filled it 1/4). Another mesh bag would be a real help with this kit as I had to keep the dirty wipes out while the washing machine was on. (can be purchased separately) I really loved the wipes wetbag for when I was out and about, it made taking my cloth wipes much easier and the zoo print is very cute! I tried the mandarin, tea tree and lemon oil and found it kept my wipes smelling nice and fresh for the whole 2 days until I changed it :) Before I had this I was always running to the bathroom when my son had a previously undetected poo and now this has made those nappy changes much easier :)"

Bianca (Apr 2014)
"I'd just like to thank you for creating such a great system in Swipes. I was using regular baby wipes on my little one each nappy change and he was starting to get a small rash. Using disposable wipes also meant i needed two bins in the nursery; one for the nappies that will end up in the wash and a separate one for the wipes that would end up in the trash. All this was in addition to the ongoing cost, unnecessary waste and chemicals. The MCHN recommended cotton balls but that would be fiddly, I'd need water in the nursery and it still means waste.
I noticed you launched Swipes not long ago but didn't think too much about them until my son started to get the rash. Thank goodness I bought them, they are seriously fabulous!
I love that i can throw them straight in with the nappies and the smell of the essential oil is lovely too. The best thing though is the wipes themselves; they are thick, soft, perfectly sized and SO much more effective than disposable wipes!
Once I've moistened the Swipes in the water mix I fold them and have placed them in an empty Huggies wipes dispenser so they are super convenient to access.
Thanks for helping me to do my bit for the environment while giving my son the best I can."

Tamara (Mar 2014)
"Hi I just wanted to say a HUGE Thankyou!!! I got home this afternoon after a stressful arvo to find my brand new Swipes Smart Eco wipes kit at my front door!  I was so excited to win this and cant believe how quickly it arrived  I cant wait to start using it  Thankyou so much for your generosity  im so very grateful  xxx"

Laura (Mar 2014)
"I arrived home this afternoon to find the sale items I had purchased plus the swipes kit I won last week were waiting at the front door. I was so excited when I opened up the box! Thank you so much and I can't wait to start using the swipes once baby makes its grand entrance in (hopefully) a few days time "

Carolyn (Mar 2014)
"The small size wetbag's larger pocket is the perfect size for one dirty nappy (although I could potentially fit 2 trim nappies in there) and wipes. I've not tried putting clean wet wipes in the smaller pocket, but it neatly contains clean dry wipes and a nappy insert.
The zippered pockets contain smells. The tag will be useful for labelling if I ever need to make sure this wetbag has our name on it (for daycare or something)."

Laura (Mar 2014)

"We are about a week and a half out from our first bubs due date and I love the idea of being able to reuse rather than wasting money and harming the environment with disposable wipes. We are aiming to slowly change our way of living into being more self sufficient and environmentally friendly and these wipes are definitely a step in the right direction for us. I also like that using reusable wipes helps me bond with my own mum as she raised us in a time that cloth wipes were the only option"

Jessie (Mar 2014)
"To save the mad dash to the sink (baby in arms, nappy hastily snapped back on) when we discover our son has done a 'rogue poo' (the term we use when it hasn't been smelt before we undo the nappy lol) It would be so much easier to have the wipes already wet and ready to use!"

Penny (Feb 2014)
"Just wanted to say thanks for the wipes [Modal Cotton]! They are so nice and thick, and the perfect size too!"

Yumin (Feb 2014) 

"Finally, a simple wipes system with everything you need to get started - I love it!

I went by two methods of using Swipes: the suggested way where I fill the Fresh pail with water, put a few drops of the Fresh pail essential oil, add 10 wipes and put the lid on until needed. The other way is to store the remaining 10 wipes in an old Huggies container and dip wipes in the oil/water mix as needed. Both work well, but I think I prefer the first way better.
With the suggested way, everything is ready to go. All I needed was two things: my nappy and the pail come change time. The wipes are an excellent quality. They're thick, easy to grip and use, and a great size for messes - I've only needed to use one wipe per change so far. Hubby loves the system too, the only thing he had to say against it is that the tag/label on the wipe might get in the way, but that's no big deal. Once the wipe has been used, I put it with the dirty nappy into the laundry pail until they need to be washed. I found 3 drops of essential oils a bit much (the smell lingered on after a routine wash) so I might start with one drop next time. But it was certainly refreshing to smell that than 2 day's worth of laundry pail's contents come wash time! I found that 10 wipes soaked up half a pail of water pretty well and it was easy to wring the water out before use. The oil/water mix was gentle on bub's skin, which cleaned up well, no redness afterwards.
Because I'd made my own wipes previously, it was easy to tell which system worked better. I use to have all my wipes in a Huggies container and another container carrying the water (which meant carrying 3 things instead of 2). I never put oils in the water because I didn't know enough about which oils worked well and didn't realise they actually helped deter mould growth. Also, the wipes which I'd used previously (a bamboo terry) was thin and felt scratchy to use on bub's bottom. It was a bit hard to grip because of the thinness, and often we needed a few to clean up a mess. With Swipes, the guesswork is taken and it does a fantastic job of cleaning messes with minimal effort. The wipes can be used for anything, it's both soft and tough so good for bottom and anywhere else on the body. I can recommend it with all confidence to anyone, whether they have an existing wipes system in place or just starting out on their cloth journey. Well done Apikali team for such a well thought out, easy to use system at a great cost."