Apikali Rewards Program for our Eco Community
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apikali rewards program

Join the hundreds of parents earning money back from shopping at Apikali. 

Our Apikali Rewards program ended 15/3/2019

Apikali Rewards are our way of saying thank you for supporting our family business, helping us provide a great future for Abbey and for choosing ways that are more sustainable for our earth. Every little bit helps. Small steps, can lead to big changes.

Apikali Awards is an online program only. The program started 1 June 2014.

Your points start accruing as soon as you shop online. 

For every $300 you spend (over any period of time) you will receive a $15 gift voucher ** 
And its so easy to reach it, dont worry!
The points are shown with every product. **

Earn points faster by watching out for our special Rewards offers on products. Join Cloth Nappy Chats and our Facebook Page for up-to-date offers.

How to Redeem Your Rewards

-Please note, and this is important, this program is not a refund based program. The tier must be met first, then you may cash in for a voucher. You cannot spend $300.00 and then ask for $15.00 to be refunded from your program. Additionally, if you have redeemed your points for a voucher code but do not use it on your order, we cannot apply it "after the fact" as a refund.

-You MUST have an active account from which all orders have been entered. If you do not sign into your account to shop, your rewards points will not be counted.
-Click on "My Account" on the upper right hand corner of the homepage
-Under "My Rewards" Click "Redeem"
-You will see the item to choose from, with the total points needed. You do not have to use all your points, they DO carry over if not used.
-Click "redeem" under the amount you wish to select. If you do not have enough points to select that option, you will not be able to proceed.
-If you do have enough points, you may cash out for that voucher.
-You will automatically have that gift voucher added to "My Account".

Claiming your Apikali Rewards Voucher
-When you wish to use that gift voucher, click under "My Account"
-You will see "Gift Certificates" towards the very bottom of your options listed
-Click on "View Details" You will see a code beginning with "GC..." followed by numbers/letters
-Copy/paste that voucher, and use it in the "apply coupon" box at checkout :) It is that easy! When you click to your checkout screen, you will see the amount deducted from your order total.

You will also receive our regular Weekly Delights with great specials, eco living news and extra benefits throughout the year.  Please add @apikali.com.au to your 'safe senders list' so that you don't miss our specials.

** Terms & conditions
  • Apikali reserves the right to change the reward offered, the terms and conditions, or to end this program at any time.
  • All Reward vouchers must be spent in the entirety of the amount issued at one time. Vouchers are not transferable and no part can be redeemed in cash.
  • Online vouchers must be used within 12 months.
  • This program does not apply to export, corporate or bulk order discount customers.
  • Points are based on product totals spent. Insurance, sales tax and shipping fees do not count, and if any gift voucher or store credit is used to pay for an order, it will not count towards the total. The point system is actual dollars spent. Any discount codes or coupons that affect the total spent will not count as points.
  • Any refunds will be deducted from point totals. If a refund points your points in the negative, customer may have the option to choose store credit for that balance, or have that value deducted from the refund.
  • Exchanges will not count as new points, if the item exchanged is for a lesser price, the difference will be deducted from the point totals.
  • Points cannot be transferred, and are only issued in the account of the buyer. No exceptions.   
  • Gift certificate and the Apikali Nappy Library purchases are excluded in point totals 
  • Points do not have cash value, and store credit may not be "cashed out" if not used. Vouchers are valid for one year from issue.