Saving money with Swipes
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Saving money with Swipes

SAVE MONEY? Why wouldn't you want to?

Swipes Wipes are able to be reused again and again, making them environmentally friendly and easy on the hip pocket . 

Think about it - over a baby’s lifetime they will need at LEAST 10,000 individual wipes. 

So if you’re buying a $3 to $8 per pack of 80, it will cost you between $375.00 to $993.75, to use disposable wipes. That is a lot of money.

Alternatively, if you buy the Apikali Swipe WIPES Complete Kit , the same 20 wipes should see you through at least one baby's wiping needs. The only ongoing costs are more Essential Oils, laundering (which is a part of life, anyway) or more wipes if you choose to add them, which are affordable.

So which would you rather? An expensive, smeary, chemical-laden, tough wipe that will contribute to the carbon footprint & landfill, and will end up costing more money, or an environmental friendly, affordable, reusable soft wipe? 

The decision is up to you . But we are certain the SMART choice is to purchase Apikali’s Swipes Wipes.