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"Hello Ten, Trudy and all your little ones

The order was perfect as always :)

May I just say an enormous and heartfelt well done to all of you for running the best online business I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Even taking your blog/facebook community and MCN advice aside, Apikali would have to be the most professional and friendly small businesses I've met. 

Only wish I had discovered Apikali before having bought my MCN stash. Love the ones I have but would rather have supported Abbey rather than some international ebay seller. 

Very long message short, keep doing what you do and thank you. 
Warm regards,
M, D and C"

Tenille (October 2014) "Tennille I would like to express from one mother to another how amazing it is to see you standing so strong and passionate about your products and also to see you take each hurdle life is throwing at you and your beautiful little girl and just jumping over them. You are an inspiration" 

Rebecca says (April 2013) "I am so happy to hear that Apikali is a success, because you deserve it, although I often wonder how you make a profit when your prices are so amazingly low! You're certain to have loyal customers! I would definitely prefer to buy from Apikali than a large, faceless company . Apikali is a success simply because you guys care about what you are selling, your customers as people, and each other."


Here is what some of our customers have to say:

Kristy (2018)

Thanks again for great products and service!

Rohini (2018) 

You were the first online shop that I bought from and I have learned and continue to learn so much from you both on this cloth nappy journey! Thank you so much for your fantastic and personalised customer service.   

Christine (2018) 

Everything is perfect as usual!

Really appreciate all your effort and the amazing products you offer.

Lissie (2018)

I received my order last week thank you. It’s been a fantastic product and has really helped my daughter with toilet training.

Bec (2018) 

So happy with our latest order (have never had even the slightest unhappiness purchasing from you). A loves her pull up training pants, now we just have to work on telling mummy and daddy she needs to go BEFORE she goes, but that's up to her. :-D

Chantelle (2018) 

Thanks as always for your fabulous customer service and enthusiasm. You really do go above and beyond

Heather (2018) 

We have received the new nappy! It's lush! Thank you so much for your support with this matter. Always a pleasure dealing with your wonderful company

Cherry-Ann (2018) 

Really looking forward to trying the flannel nappies on my little girl. Thanks so much for the excellent service you always provide!

Lillian (2018)

Really appreciate the great customer service and prompt delivery :) I'm still a little way off needing to use the goodies, however, I very much look forward to using the products I purchased - the more that people can be environmentally aware and alert, the better !!

thank you!!

Casey (2018) 

I absolutely love my orders from you guys! My three month old fits her Baby Beehinds beautifully and is now a full time cloth baby! We have also started using the reusable wipes system which works awesomely :) the wet bags are great, everything is great, life is great!

Katie (2018) 

Thank you for your videos to help me make decisions on what will work best for our new tiny baby (2.3kg)

Corinna (2018) 

Thanks for all your hard work & awesome posts to share how easy cloth nappying is 

Kez (2018)

Thanks for your lovely customer service. I am very happy with all the products I purchased from you guys. 

I appreciate finding a company so passionate about using cloth for all kids especially those with different abilities. Our son is 7 and still needs all his hygiene needs met due to severe disability. So thanks for giving us the opportunity to keep using cloth nappies, seems like a small thing but it is actually huge and makes me happy. I now only have the 2 different nappies to use for my son. 

We are actually fortunate that the special school we send our son to is happy to use them also.

Pauline (2018) 

Thank you, we’re so happy with the order!  Good quality and quick delivery

Louise (2018) 

Thank you, everything was fantastic and I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you for sharing your story. Abbey sounds like a beautiful little girl and is lucky to have such a loving family too.

Elspeth (2018) 

Our order arrived quickly as usual  and the handwritten note from Tenille was a lovely touch (we’re up to Baby #3, a little girl after 2 boys!)

The PlanetWise zippered snack and sandwich bags are helping me reduce our single-use plastic at home, and the designs are cute. 

Cassandra (2018) 

Thanks for a fantastic shop... Apikali is fabulous.. with all the services and helpful advice it has made my purchase less stressful. Thank you

Gina (2018) 

Thank you so much for yet another hand written note from yourself and the team. Your generosity is amazing. Can't wait till tomorrow after school drop off - Bella and I are going to enjoy those bath bombs and have snuggle cuddle times. They smell heavenly ??

Thank you again for knowing just how to cheer me up xo. 

Skye (2018) 

I love your swim nappies! My daughter started wearing the same one at 6weeks! She is now 14months wearing it still.

Jess (2018)

Thank you so much for providing great sales, and as always, great nappies! I found your website when I was buying cloth for my first child, and I am so excited to be able to use you to buy cloth for my next baby as well!

Cassandra (2018)

Thanks so much for my wonderful package in the post.. I loved the reused box which contained my re useable items. 
All the products I brought have been fantastic.. but I am especially greatful for your time advice and help during and after my purchase.. you made me feel important not just a sale.

Thank you

Krystle (2017) 

Everything I've learnt about cloth nappies, I've learnt from Apikali. Their service is just so efficient and unbelievably personal. The stocked products are wonderful quality. The Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats group is like an inclusive group of friends where I feel comfortable asking questions and the solutions and support received is heartwarming and practical. I have referred people to Apikali and just cannot recommend them highly enough. I love being a cloth nappy mum. Thank you!

Bianca (2017)

I’ve just had my second baby so have returned to the world of cloth nappies and reusable wipes.

I loved my Swipes last time around and I really love them now too. They are natural, gentle and every time I use them I feel so satisfied that I am doing the right thing by the environment and my hip pocket.

Thanks for creating such a great product.

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

Kara (2017)

I’m just starting out on my cloth journey and firstly want to say thanks for all the information you are making so available to new and future mums wanting to get into cloth.

Miriam (2017)

The most wonderful and personal service I have ever had from an online business.

Firstly, great range of cloth nappy and eco products with super sales and regular competitions. 

Secondly, accompanying advice from the Cloth Nappy Doctor herself, we've learnt so much from the newsletters and facebook group. 

Most importantly, we've never met but somehow feel like we're old friends with Tenille, James, Trudy and the whole family. It is a testament how many of us closely follow the journey of your beautiful Abbey becoming so much more than just customers.

I feel obligated to spread the word. I cannot recommend Apikali any more highly.

Natalie (2017)

I love the work that you are doing and the sensible advice you give.

Keep up the good work!

Cherry-Ann (2017)

Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to trying an Applecheeks nappy and absolutely loved the Funky Fluff nappy I received in the surprise bundle last time. It is the best nappy I have tried yet!

Tilly (2017)

A very belated thank you for my gift earlier in the year (a Close swimming wetbag)! It's been very useful for swimming lessons and day outings. :)

Sharode (2017) 

thanks for the product selection, that's great and the best optioned I've been able to find. Thank you!

Hannah (2017)

Thank you for your wonderful service. Its always a pleasure to shop from you. 

Cassandra (2017) 

Thanks so much for your awesome service. I am blown away with how great you guys are. 

Corinna (2017)

Thanks for your awesome website & information on products. We are now 4 months into our cloth journey & both me & my husband are so pleased. Thanks for your hard work. You are one amazing mumma x

Ammie (2017) 

Having access to the newborn hire pack saved me so much money and really helped me explore nappies I would have never considered. Plus I learnt I can cope with the washing!

Ros (2017) 

Thanks so much for your great website, it is a such a good resource that I have visited again and again for help and information.

Amanda (2017) 

My parcels from the sale arrived and I've just opened them. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for getting everything out so quickly and also putting in a hand written note and small gift! My golly you guys are awesome! With all the mayhem that was happening with the sale I cannot believe you found the time to write in the card! Thank you so much and I am looking forward to your next adventure. Now to convince hubby we need to try some new brands with number 2 ;).

Oh and I'd forgotten how tiny and cute newborn nappies are! I can't wait to use them come September.

Aishah (2017) 

Thanks for your help and also thank you for the wonderful website full of information- it made me believe that we could start this journey away from wasteful disposable nappies at least some of the time!

Chelsea (2017) 

Just wanted to say a big thank you for creating the swipes kit. I bought the kit a long time ago while we were trying for a baby. My baby girl was born on Saturday night and I even used the wipes in the hospital! Now  we are home it's the easiest system ever. I love it! Eco friendly, effective and it just makes sense! Hubby friendly too! I even use the wet bag to keep a few wipes with me on the couch so I don't have to move much while I heal and rest. 

thanks again! 

Anita (2017)

Thank you so much for the gorgeous swim nappy from your giveaway. 

I love how super soft it feels & looking forward to using it.

Greta (2017)

Thank you for your customer service. You guys are great and I am always happy to recommend you to friends. One of them ordered a trial pack from you and has been happy herself as well. 

Carolyn (2017) 

My favourite cloth nappy store of all. Thank you

Ellie (2017) 

Keep up the good work. Love supporting your venture when possible.

Elyse (2017) 

Thanks so much Trudy. I so appreciate the help, especially given it's been the Easter long weekend! Thanks for your time and super amazing responses. You've truly been an amazing help!! 

Ellie (2017) 

Thank you Tennille for your gorgeous handmade breast pads.  It is with sadness that after three years (two kids later) and so much love that the breast pads have started to fray at the seams. I'm hanging on with hope the last two remaining pads will hold out a little longer while my daughter continues to feed.  Thank you again for such lovely products and service.

Byrne Family (2017)

Thank you for our last order, our daughter loved the stickers too :-) We love ordering through your shop when we can so thank you! Hope all is well with you all. 

Tanya (2017) 

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and support with commencing my cloth nappy journey. I'm loving the Bummis Simply Lite covers and prefolds for my 18 month old. Unlike other cloth nappies we've tried there has not been one single leak. I can't wait to start using them on our newborn when it arrives next month. 

Thanks again for your awesome products and great customer service.

Tamara (2017) 

Thanks for the super speedy delivery!!

And an even bigger thank you for the stickers in the parcel! Perfect to keep my toddler busy whilst I look at the new nappies.

Rohini (2017) 

I just received my bundle yesterday and was so excited to unwrap the blue tissue paper and see the Pop-In and Bummis labels! Both are my favourite Nappy brands!! Thanks so much for putting such a cool and thoughtful bundle together. I've been wanting to give pre-folds a bit more of a go now my bub is a bit bigger so this is perfect

Tanya (2017)

I got to open my bundle box and wipes last night after work and was amazed at the inclusions and great looking quality. Everything is in the wash this morning so I can try them out on my 18 month old. Thanks again, looking forward to beginning my cloth journey so I'm in the swing of it by the time our new bub joins us at the end of April :)

Katherine (2017)

Thank you Apikali for your dedicated customer service especially over the holiday period! My order before this one got here waaay earlier than i anticipated, even though i think you guys were already in holiday mode. My toddler has been really appreciating the stickers that have come with some of my recent orders, thank you.

Christina (2017) 

I have purchased twice from Apikali and the speed and service has been phenomenal, thankyou!

Kimberley (2017) 

Thank you Trudy and thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Definitely be recommending Apikali to friends, you ladies do a great job.

Amii (2016) 

I haven't used a sposie in over 6 weeks...... we have mastered night nappies, yay. I have to say, I don't know why I was worried. Once I stopped making it harder than it had to be & just started using what worked it just did. So we use bambooty easy nights & bbh magicalls with the extra insert stuffed in & have smashed it. Thankyou Tennille for your advice back in OctoberJennifer (December 16) 

Thanks again for the delightful products

Danielle (2016) 

I'm extremely happy with both my purchases thank you very much! They are such good quality and I definitely will be back again! My little boy is due in a month and the nappies are all prepped and ready for his arrival

Jo (2016) 

Everything was amazing! Thank you very much ?? The Facebook Group and website has also been fantastic in helping me start my cloth nappy journey. Thank you

Jen (November 16) 

As always, your customer service is fabulous

Hannah (November 16) 

THANK YOU!!! All the help you gave me in selecting the Bummis Dimple Diaper with booster to use on my heavy wetter over night...I am in love this nappy is the best night nappy ever. Not bulky and so soft and squishy he could put his knees together! And to top it off i used it once put it in my wash hung it out at 3 30pm and it was dry and back on the bum that night at 8 30 and it wasn't even that hot outside.
An added bonus is that none of the inserts snap in they all just lay in so no squeezing soaked inserts to unsnap before washing..the second night it was on the bum for almost 14 hours due to an unsettled night and early unplanned sleep ?? and there was still a dry patch and we had 5 feeds over that time!! 
Bummis Dimple Diaper a fantastic night solution for heavy wetters in osfm. 

Thank you..I will certainly be buying more

Hannah (October 16) 

Thank you so much fo the comparison between the bummis and the honey pot on facebook chats it was fantastic. being in the country i dont have the chance to view different ones without first buying so thankyou for giving me the chance to see a range of different nappies without buying them all. Your so easy to understand and your passion for cloth really shows. 

Jennifer (October 16) 

Thank you once again for being my go-to for all nappy and reusable related body things! You offer a fabulous service.

Alison (September 16)

Love what you do and how you have cared for our family from before the birth of my child. Voted you the best business in cloth nappy awards because you are.

Emma (September 16)

Thank you so much for your lovely email! I live 6hrs inland from Perth so for most things MCN (and in general) online is the only way to go! I was so excited when a few people on the Facebook MCN reviews page recommend Apikali for having all of the 3 completely different products  and I'm sure I'll be placing another order soon! 

Gemma (August 16) 

A little thanks for a recent order I received. I was so excited to get my close pop ins. Your price was extremely competitive and I ordered 6. It took just over a week to get to me and to my surprise was a little wotnot box of wipes to "apologise" for the delay!!
While I'm sure us cloth nappy nutcases want these nappies yesterday I certainly wasn't concerned about the "delay" but very much appreciated the gesture. I really enjoyed ordering from apikali and will look to you in the future for more orders. Not that I need much else cloth nappy related but it's a disease and I must fuel the habit to stay happy!! ??

Once again thank you for being that human touch I have found with so many MCN companies and one other reason to love cloth. Keep up the good work!!

Gillian (August 16)

I received my order (two weeks ago actually), and I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for the communication regarding the delay in posting out the order and that I was very excited and happy to receive my parcel. It is really nice to get such good service (letting me know about the delay) and it was great to get such a large order (for me!) without any issues/problems. I also really appreciate your openness in sharing your family's journey.

Keryn (July 16) 

Getting some more honeypots after a successful night trial!!! As always, thank you for all your advice. I'm loving the new cloth nappy chats Facebook group! 

Danielle (July 16) 

We were very happy with our order, thank you so much!! Thanks for making it easy to cloth our little boy's bottom

Nicole (June 16)

My order has been received ?? Thank you so much! I love it all! 

Jenny (June 16)

Excellent service, great product (Grovia all-in-one).

Thank you!Samantha (June 16) 

You guys have such amazing customer service : ) 

Lisa (May 16) 

"Thanks for filling my first order! I like that your website offers an extensive range of eco-friendly baby supplies, and that the prices are very competitive. I also appreciate the great customer service - received a message from Trudy which I thought was sweet ?? And thank you too for the free gift ??
All in all I would absolutely shop Apikali again, and will be recommending your website to other mums and mums to be!"
All in all I would absolutely shop Apikali again, and will be recommending your website to other mums and mums to be!"

Melissa (May 16) 

"My order arrived very quickly, your website was easy to use, and the bibs I ordered are fantastic"

Meagan (April 16) 

"Thanks, got 2 close pop ins and using them with some close night boosters and will definitely be buying some more of the new close prints in the future just struggling to decide which prints to get they are all so cute"

Ashley (April 16)

Re: Breastvest "Thank you for my order, it was well received. I am very happy with my purchase and what a good idea. Thank you! It will make me feel more comfortable and overcome issues I have with breastfeeding in public with my 5 weeks old baby."

Lisa (April 16) 

"Thanks for the grovia nappies, they are great. .we are very happy with them"

Jen (April 16)

"Thanks, everything was fantastic very excited to receive!" 

Jaime (April 16) 

"My order is perfect, thank you again!"

Lisa (April 16)

"Apikali.com appears to be one of the best one stop online cloth nappy shops I've come across! Excited to receive my first order and looking forward to placing more orders in future"

Emily (April 16) 

Re: Swipes Wipes "Found through ecoparents blog. Very excited to try this system out!"

Eva (April 16)

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support in helping me set off on my cloth nappy journey."

Marcia (March 16)

"I applaud your customer service - continue your amazing work!"

Monique (March 16)

"thank you for creating such a great product. I am brand new to MCN's and cloth wipes and I just love the Apikali system!" 

Marion (March 16)

"thank you for last order, beautiful as ever"

Ilana (March 16)

"Everything is perfect and the wipes are softer than I imagined. I haven't used them yet (Baby comes late May) but will let you know how I go. I think the package I got and the way it's all explained (website and on the card) makes sure I'll be set up for success." 

Ruth (March 16)

"Love your business! And love these bibs ?? Keep up the great work. And thankyou for sharing your story of looking after Abbey on Facebook with us all. xx"

Jannika (March 16)

"You ladies provide such a wonderful service and really do make the cloth nappy journey seem a whole lot easier!"

Miriam (Feb 16)

"All was wonderful as usual thank you. I am very happy that I now have enough cloth nappies that I don't have to use any horrible disposables (unless it rains for a week!) Though I'm sure that I will still be buying other things from you guys as I need them."

Stacey (Feb 16)

"Between the excellent service, fast delivery and fantastic product I am very happy with Apikali and look forward to shopping there again soon!" 

Miriam (Jan 16)

"Perfect as usual!"

Jaycinta (Jan 16)

"The bag is fantastic thanks. My boy is nearly at the end of his mcn journey and now toilet trained except for naps. I wish I had known about your site earlier. I found it whilst searching for planet wise bags. But I will keep getting other useful things from you."

Tracey (Jan 16)

"I have received my order and they were washed and on my little boys bottom very quickly! They have been terrific for such a heavy wetter! I thought the sweet pea covers Osfm might be a little small but they have proven to be very stretchy and even cover all the layers of his night nappy and keep him dry.

Thanks for your great service."

Carmela (Jan 16)

"Thank you so much. I am so very excited about this order (is it sad to be excited about nappies?) Hopefully I can stop myself from buying more for at least a little while. Thanks for your wonderful service."

Deborah (Dec 15)

"Just wanted to say thanks for all the time spent and really fun, but incredibly competent service. It’s really been delightful and I can count the times on one hand, that’s been the case with ordering something, (much less something elusive) online."

Amanda (Nov 15)

"My little boy has sensitive skin and I needed a cloth wipe that was suitable- nice and soft and made from bamboo instead of terry. Your Swipes system has delivered on that! His little bum is healing well now that we've found a perfect wipe to use and it's great to only need to use one as they're so nice and big! I'll be recommending you guys and your wipes system to everyone :)" 

Renee (Nov 15) 

"Everything is great with the order, cant wait to put them into action. Our little girl is named Abigail too and it touched my heart to hear her story. I've also recommended your company to a friend. I look forward to further business  with Apikali."

Adrian and Heidi (Nov 15)

"Thanks Trudy and Tennille. It has been great to try a range of styles and see what might work best for us. Your extra feedback and advice has been very useful Trudy."

Lyndsee (Nov 15) 

"BIG thank you to you all. I think you do a wonderful job and I love the customer service. You have a fantastic range and I love the big family feel you extend to the wider community!"

Natalie (Nov 15) 

"Tennille, I actually met you at the Baby Bare stand at the PBC Expo in Sydney earlier in the year and I have been an avid reader of your site since then. All your articles, videos etc are so helpful. I have spent hours on your site! 

I am actually due today with bub #1 and so excited to put my cloth nappies (and newfound knowledge) to use when it decides to arrive!!" 

Candice (Nov 15) 

"Thank you so much I did receive my order and everything is excellent. Thanks so much for the prompt service it was here before I expected! I really enjoy buying from you guys and I have purchased from you in the past.

Thanks for your contribution to the community on natural parenting, it's lovely to deal with a business with heart.

Many thanks and well wishes"

Sonia (November 15) 

"Thankyou so much. 

Everything was perfect." 

Vanessa (November 15)

"I have honestly learnt so much from your website & I am so thankful that I found you guys! You are all so encouraging & inspirational "

Erin (November 15) 

"Thanks to Trudy for replying to my email and suggesting this product!"

Nicola (October 15)

"I was very happy with the customer service I received (thanks for ordering in the bug busters for me). I will definitely be placing more orders with you in future!"

Jess (October 15) 

"Well my little girl arrived two weeks ago, so have now finally been able to use my swipes! OMG we are loving them, the bucket system is so easy to use and the swipes wash up really well!

Have also started using them for my 4 year old's face, hands, etc.
What a fantastic product, thankyou!"

Marion (Aug 15)

"Swipes and MCNs from Apikali mean we don't have to spend our awake time lugging boxes of disposable nappies and wipes home from the supermarket, or have Dave waste his precious weekends running extra trips to the tip with trailer loads of dirty nappies. Urk!"

Jenna (Aug 15)

"I happened to find your site by pure dumb luck! I would have loved to have known about it 6 months ago when I first had my baby."

Amanda (July 15)

"I absolutely love your shop and your Facebook page :) thanks"

Fiona (July 15)

"My order was perfect, thank you. I'm so excited to be able to use the swim nappy. 
Thank you again for the wonderful service. 
All the best"

Tanya (July 15)

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my parcel yesterday! Was very excited to open it tonight! Thank you very much for the extra wet bag, I'm sure it will come in great use!! 

Thank you again & I'm sure I'll need to buy again from you as soon as this bub makes an appearance!"

Tessa (July 15)

"All the goodies arrived safe and well a couple weeks ago. Sorry I didn't let u know sooner. I'm very happy with everything. Just wanted to says thanks so much to you and Tennille for all your help. And I have to agree, I much prefer the Apikali bamboo wipes over the grovia wipes. The grovia wipes, being 2 pieces fabric sewn together around edges, sometimes don't wipe as easily (the layer on butt stays in place while piece in hand moves (not sure if that makes sense!). So I've got them as spares and mainly use the Apikali ones. Thanks again"

Carly (July 15)

"Thanks Trudy for your wry detailed advice for my sensitive bub. I will let you know how I go."

Bronwyn (July 15)

"Received my order yesterday that I ordered on Sunday. Such a fast turn around & you even upgraded my wet bag!! Thank you so much. Can't wait to order my change mat once it's back in stock!!"

Amanda (July 15)

"Thanks so much for the wonderful bibs! My bestie recommended them, and you, and they're the best bibs we've tried yet . thanks for your lovely service as well xx"

Tracey (July 15)

"Hi Apikali, Thanks for our CJs butter. We absolutely love the CJs butter (especially the tea tree and lavender scent) for our baby girl. Unfortunately she's inherited my super sensitive skin but no problems using this. Love the sample pot size for keeping in the nappy bag (and it is a very generous size for a sample too). I remember meeting Tennille at a baby and toddler expo in Melbourne a few years back and chatting to her about Abbey. I used to teach kids with similar challenges to your Abbey and feel pleased I can help support your family in some small way now that I have my own little girl. Love that you guys are now on more of an eco track. Also very happy with the shipping.Keep up the good work."

Tamara (July 15)

"I received this order today.Thank you so much for your speedy fix on this issue, the little surprise in the parcel and your honest communication about what has been happening. It has made this an incredibly positive experience and is one of the reasons I choose to shop at and recommend apikali!"

Nieva (July 15)

"The order came swiftly and everything was as expected. I'm a first time mum waiting for my baby to arrive so have not yet tested out any of the products. I'll leave a review when Ive had a chance to use everything! "

Alyssa (July 15)

"My order arrived today - thanks so much for the swift turnaround and great communication! Looking forward to trying everything out (after bub arrived!)"

Sally (July 15)

"Hi there! Yes my order just arrived - very happy with your products, customer service, and quick order processing + shipping. Very happy with my first two Apikali orders and I look forward to ordering more as my baby grows! Thanks so much "

Jeralee (July 15)

"Hello Tenille and James, Just wanted to say I got the [product] and I really appreciate that you fixed the mix up so quickly. I'm excited to be using both products (I feel weird saying that about laundry products, but it's nonetheless true) and I'll make sure to leave a review. Thanks for the great service you provide, I really feel like a valued customer."

Zoe (July 15)

"Hi guys, my delivery was really quick and everything was great. Especially liked the little handwritten note - great touch! Thanks very much - I'm sure I'll be back "

Clare (July 15)

"Everything was fabulous, thank you! Delivery was super quick and easy, and I'm finally starting to feel a bit more organised for baby's arrival in a month or so! Thanks again,"

Kristy (June 15)

"Thanks again Apikali!"

Heather (June 15)

"Thanks Tennille, James and Trudy. The order was perfect. And thankyou very much for the Gift Certificate for my review! much appreciated. You guys are a pleasure to deal with and have such a great range of products, I'm looking forward to seeing what you focus on with the changes ahead."

Adrian (June 15)

"Thankyou so much very much for bringing a smile to my wife ... and little [baby]. The parcel arrived yesterday; and she was full of smile and gratitude when she saw the goodies bag and other gifts...[Baby] loves the rice crackers so much that he ate four packets yesterday. Thank you...And thankyou so much for your note. It warms my heart to know that our purchase was packed and checked by you. Have a great day and fantastic weekend."

Elizabeth (June 15)

"Thanks for helping me add to my friend's baby belly stash at an affordable price and keeping disposables out of landfill. All the best."

Rose (June 15) 

"It is great to see you so busy at the Expo. Certainly keeping my eye out for the changes."

Alex (June 15)

"The nappies I ordered arrived to me quickly and are beautiful. I haven't used them yet (as bub isn't born yet!), but I have used cloth nappies on my two other kids and I am sure they will be wonderful. The covers are so cute and look really decent. I think half the battle, especially for newborns, is a good cover. Which I now have plenty of . The pocket nappies look really good quality and hopefully work well (although I know from prior experience it can be hit and miss). They will be a good start for a later collection.

I'm very happy to have the nappies sorted for the first few months once baby is born.

I'm also glad to be supporting a family business and your little girl. I'll return to your site whenever I'm in need of baby supplies.

Thank you for the great service."

Sally (June 15)

"Love you guys!"

Isabel (June 15)

"I'm about to become a first time mama, determined to use cloth nappies but have been completely overwhelmed by all the choices - your website made things so much easier, so thank you!! We've picked a simple prefold system for the newborn stage, and will definitely be coming back to Apikali for the next round."

Angela & David (June 15)

"We've just received our order. Thank you so much for the gifts and the speedy service. The socks are lovely and perfect for our little boy who has severe clubfoot and wears orthotics that go the full length of his legs. We will certainly be back to do more shopping!"

Cassie (June 5)

"Thank you for your email. My gently nappies arrived in good time, thanks. I'm glad you are sharing your story, and will definitely recommend your website to my cloth nappying friends."

Rachael (May 15)

"Great idea and great way to donate." (Agape Home and Apikali community initiative)

Lisa (May 15)

"Great to see businesses caring about others in need. Keep the love for others it really does make a different world to live in."

Kylie (May 15)

"Thankyou for the opportunity to contribute to Agape Childrens Home."

Rochelle (May 2015)

"thanks so much for this [follow up] email. The nappies arrived during the week. It's so exciting getting baby stuff in the post - even if it is just nappies lol. I'll definitely be putting another order through you once I know what size baby is / how fast he grows - it's so nice to be able to buy from 'real' people online."

Anita (May 2015)

"Sorry for a late reply but my Apikali order was again awesome, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Swipes, especially in winter when I can use warm water for my bubs cold bottom. He really appreciates that at 3am.Thank you,"

Manasi (May 2015)

"i was very happy indeed with the quality of your ex-library nappies. Loved loved loved my fluffmail. Have placed another order too- my third!"

Kimmy (May 2015)

"They are such great quality and I am loving them! Thank you so much. Will definitely buy from you again!"

Sam (May 2015)

"Thank you! Of course everything was perfect!"

Bridie (Apr 2015)

"Thank you for the order you prepared for me. You guys have been amazing and my first port of call with setting up cloth nappies for my first baby. So excited to start using them any day now :) I must admit, I am addicted to your website and blog! Both are a great resource for someone who is starting out and deciphering the enormous amount of information on MCN out there."

Courtney (Apr 2015)

"I absolutely love Apikali products!...Thanks for being a great company and family."

Cilla (Mar 2015)

"I have passed your info onto our huge Down syndrome group so be prepared for some orders ÃƒÆ’Įâ€â„¢ÃƒÆ’â€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚°ÃƒÆ’â€Ã‚¦Ãƒâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¸ÃƒÆ’â€Ã‚¹Ãƒâ€Â¦ÃƒÂ¢€Ã…“ââââ€Å¡Ã‚¬Ã…¡Ãâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ we are so excited to find somewhere we can feel confident is perfect for our kids needs, sadly many of us have been let down by other companies that just don't understand our needs for the kids."

Martha (Mar 2015)

"I loved the nappy library program, it made the whole discovery of cloth nappies a lot less daunting. It was great to receive instructions on how to first prepare them for use, and your website also gave tips on how to use the different types of nappies which was really useful. It was a bit of work figuring it all out, but so worth it - I now know which ones are good fits for my baby and also good fits for me to use when it comes to ease of use etc. "

Kath (Mar 2015)

"You have been amazing, wish I knew you back when I started my cloth journey. I battled gaping legs and low rise poorly fitted nappies for 3 years lol because I couldn't afford to buy more."

Katie (Mar 15)

"I did like reading in this email however about your business mission and it makes me feel extremely grateful that I found your business first and last to deal with.  Although the process has gone on somewhat longer than I expected, it has been enjoyable and have learned a lot along the way and am fairly positive that I will achieve the grand statement that Tennille made early on that she would find me the 'perfect' nappy solution.  it is hard to achieve perfection / satisfaction in today's world of multiple choice."

Rebecca (Jan 15)

"It is a real pleasure to support such a great company, knowing that whilst you are helping our family with a choice of top products, wonderful specials and amazing service, we in turn are helping your Apikali family and supporting a 'local' business. Apikali is the first place I look when in need of something specific for my girls (and sometimes even when I don't need anything ."

Cath (Jan 15) 

"Thanks Tennille, it's a pleasure doing business with you"

Maria (Jan 15)

"Thanks for that lightning reply! I'm so impressed with your services and support. "

Sara (Jan 15)

"I have been so happy with all my dealings with Apikali! Your range is fantastic with wonderful service and advice, as well as fast postage, all the things that make for an excellent eco-store :) I am so happy to have discovered you. I have introduced my sister-in-law to Apikali too, as she is often looking for more eco-sustainable products like me. Of course, I'm also very excited to receive my latest order and get to making some ice pops! Thanks for being so awesome!"

Madeline (Jan 15)

"We love our bibs! They were recommended by a friend and have been the best investment we could have possibly made. They are easy to clean, catch all the food our daughter drops and look nice. The shipping process was quick and I appreciated knowing when the item was dispatched from you and set to arrive at my place. I'll certainly be supporting you in the future. "

Lisa (Jan 15)

"Everything arrived quickly and in tip-top condition. I will definitely shop your site again, and have already recommended you to others. Keep up the great work!"

Andrea (Jan 15)

"The swim nappies are great! And you were very quick to process the order and send the package."

Karina (Jan 15)

"I received my order and to my complete delight, a lovely note from James. It's the little things you all do that keep me coming back to Apikali and recommending your business to all my friends! Thanks again! Very *very* happy"

Jessica (Jan 15)

"Thanks for all your help and patience with this one "

Katie (Jan 15)

"As soon as I read your email that came through this morning I relaxed. Thank you - deeply and sincerely for listening, understanding and providing me with alternative options.  I will look into your second email when I get the time to look at it more deeply."

Hayley (Jan 15)

"Received my fluffy mail today! Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fast and fantastic service. Very much appreciated! Will be shopping with you again that's for sure. Much love xxx"

Catherine (Dec 14)

"Once again thank you for your continued support and high level of customer service."

Katie says (Nov 14)

"Thank you for the wonderful products, prompt delivery and great communication! The swipes kit is off to a friend for her baby shower tomorrow and I'm loving the twinkle lily nappies on my little man. I will be recommending your business to others."

Candice says (Nov 14)

"The feedback I have is that I am a very satisfied customer. It's so lovely to receive personal, thoughtful and warm customer service and great products as well. It seems so rare these days. I am also in big support of your natural parenting and Eco living message. A very happy customer here and I wish you all the best - for you and your daughter Abbey. Take care and warmest regards"

Ravenna says (Nov 14)

"Hi Apikali, thank you for my parcel, received very promptly, with reassuring tracking messages from yourselves & Aus. post. The products are even better quality than expected. Will shop with you folks again!"

Melissa says (Nov 14)

"Thanks for all the products you have sent so far. We have had our girl in cloth full time since she was 9 days old and haven't been the slightest bit tempted to put a disposable on her since.  We love her little cloth bum."

Leisa says (Nov 14)

"Love Apikali! Thank you for your fantastic customer service that makes cloth nappying so much fun."

Jessica says (Nov 14) 

" This is my second purchase through this site as I was really happy with my first. I know this wont be my last."

Zarah says (Oct 14) 

"Thankyou so much! I love Apikali."

Yumin says (Oct 14) 

"Just wanted to say thanks for including the gift of the {item} with my latest order. I appreciate your generous little gestures (that speak so much!) especially when your plate is probably chockers already. I hope the surgery for Abbey went well and that you're all well as a family."

Rachel (Sept 2014)

"Our baby is 10 days old now, and our nappy pack has been a life saver! He is very small (2.7kg) and newborn disposables are way too big for him. We are loving our cloth nappies so much that we've already bought some extras to try to extend our collection to full time! No problems at all so far... We are extremely happy with our order."

Carolina (Sept 2014)

"I got my order yesterday off the post office! When I opened the package first thought I had done the wrong order but then after reading your card I found out I was given a little gift!! :) Thank you so much!!! I love it and all my other stuff as well!! I can't wait till I'm able to place another order! You sell very good quality products for a very reasonable price!! I'm very happy!"

Emma (Sept 2014)

"Hi, thank you so much, my order has been wonderful. I found your site very helpful, my 20 month old has feeding, swallowing, sensory problems, gross motor problems and more, and due to high intake of fluids and limited solids she is a very heavy wetter, so reading through all your reviews has really helped with our decision making for the best nappies to use for her and with in our budget."

Kyralee (Sept 2014)

"Everything was spot on and at such a great price! Thank you for making this such an easy and joyful experience, this would have to be one of the best buying experiences I have ever had."

Sommer (Sept 2014)

"Oh Tennille, you are the best! Amazing customer service.I love that apikali is going from strength to strength. And that the love you have for your beautiful family is clear to see "

Lanara (Sept 2014)

"Yes we have our order and they have been on little bottoms and in little mouths already! You have a wonderful site and service and I'm more that happy with the service I received!! 

I also really like and appreciate the 'thank you' you give in your e-mail in regards to us being able help suppose your gorgeous little Abbey.. It has really hit a spot with me and will  be purchasing what I can/need through this lovely family run business from now on...

Wishing you all the very best and thank you!"

Nicole (August 2014)

"Thanks for the email. My order arrived this morning and is currently in the wash! This is my second order from you and both have arrived promptly with correct items, I appreciate the leaflets and little bonuses you include and I love your products. Now my MCN stash is pretty much complete I'm going to need to resist new colours and prints! "

Eva (August 2014)

"I'm so inspired by the fact that you flew to Townsville to have some brainstorming time with one of your team members. Go Apikali! :)"

Sally (August 2014)

"You run an excellent business with a wonderful range, which I've really enjoyed browsing!"

Andrea (July 2014)

"Just wanted to let you know that the nappies arrived last week - it was very exciting! We have started using them and love them. Thank you so much for your advice and help. And also a big thank you for all the extra bits and pieces you threw in the package too - I love it all! It was a very nice surprise.Thanks again and take care."

Claire (July 2014)

"Thanks so much for the newborn hire, we loved trying all the nappies out. Such a great service, I am recommending it to lots of people!"

Nadine (July 2014)

"Thank you again for your products, it certainly has been a pleasure purchasing through your company, and I have already highly recommended your site to others for all sorts of products. I also wish you all the best with your mission and vision in parenting and business. I truly admire your efforts. "

Arianne (July 2014)

"Thanks so much for your help. Your customer service is awesome. I  will definitely be ordering through Apikali again and recommending you to my friends!"

Fiona (July 2014)

"Thanks so much for all your time and advice to help us find the right cloth nappies - we've really appreciated it, and we'll certainly be back whenever we need something else. In the meantime we're telling everyone about how fantastic Apikali is!"

Victoria (June 2014)

"I've experienced nothing but positives, beautiful products, great advice, fast responses, handwritten notes and unexpected surprises in my parcels of goodies. It's the small simple touches that have kept ne coming back to you. Nothing but oddles of praise. Thank you"

Klecia (June 2014)

"Thanks for the gift with my last order, it was a wonderful surprise, had to convince my hubby that I didn't buy 'all that' LOL.I love Apikali, when stuff is on clearance or on sale, it actually is - as opposed to some companies who take $2 off and call it a sale. You guys are the first I recommend when people ask where I buy my nappies and stuff."

Ruth (June 2014)

"Very happy to keep coming back toyour business! Great service and great prices. Always suggest other mums come shop here!"

Samantha (June 2014)

"Just wanted to let you know I got my order today and I am so excited! I am just about jumping out of my skin! Thank you so much for all of your help! I"

Lisa (June 2014)

"Thanks again for all of your help through both of the hire packs. You will be highly recommended to everyone I know. :)"

Erin (June 2014)

"Thank you so much! I appreciate such a quick response and good solution. I love your store. Great customer service :) Thank you!"

Claire (June 2014)

"I loved the products I bought from you. Haven't had the baby yet, so have only felt the booby butter between my fingers and had a smell, but have used the soapnuts already and had another look at the stuff on your website. I love that you stock a good range of eco products and love the fact that I can help you with your Abbey just by purchasing the stuff I like. I've already recommended your site to others and will continue to do so. I'm sure I'll be placing more orders with you in future."

Lauren (May 2014)

"Thanks for your time with all my questions. I have been recommending your business to plenty of others. Good service, good value, and so much nicer to see the faces behind a business and to see what motivates you and how customer support can make a difference to your family. "

Kristie (May 2014)

"I have placed many orders with Apikali over the past year and every time you have provided wonderful service (and help if i needed it) and my items always arrive in record time! I have no doubt i will continue to order my MCNs through you once Bubbi No2 arrives later this year."

Katie (May 2014)

"Good morning Tennille, My nappy order arrived on Tuesday!! Your service is so amazing and fast! This is the second time we have ordered from you guys and we just love the service! They one and only thing I would like to see extra on your site is the Pea Pod brand of nappys. I would also like to thank you for the extra pack of [product] it really made my day :) I hope you have an amazing day and once again thank you so much for your prompts service and unbelievable prices :) Thank you "

Alison (May 2014)

"I received my parcel today that hubby bought for me - so excited, such speedy delivery, great bargains and fantastic communication via email. Thank you so much!"

Lauren (May 2014)

"My parcel arrived today with lots of new products to try! I'll make sure I leave some reviews on the website when I've tried them out as I know some don't have any yet. Thanks again for your help!"

Nicole (May 2014)

"Was happy with the ordering process and look forward to using you guys again!"

Sarah (May 2014)

"Thanks a million & thank you particularly for being such a great organization. So many people have spoken so highly of you that I know that you are going to be the perfect way to get started on cloth for me :-) I've got my mum obsessed with cloth nappies now too and as her gift to our bub she's going to buy our first investment, once we've had a few weeks of the library. Can't wait!!  "

Fanny (May 2014)

"I am really happy with my order thanks!  On another note I recommend your website and service to my girlfriends :) thanks again, I wouldn't have managed the cloth nappies if it wasn't with your help! I am really grateful!"

Rowena (May 2014)

"Thank you for the follow up email. I was delighted with my order and have been telling everyone i know about your store. I was also going to do a follow up order immediately for the Mother's Day sale but alas time slipped away.. My bub is ten weeks now and it's such a consuming time!  Thanks so much for everything. I hope Abbey is doing well and good luck with the retaining wall."

Nicole (May 2014)

"Thank you Tennille. Another reason i love shopping with you :-) No delays at all and customer service is wonderful. Thank you very much for letting me know & have a wonderful weekend"

Claire (May 2014)

Re a warranty claim, "Thank you so much Tennille.  Fantastic service! "

Hannah (May 2014)

"I also want to say I love the way you run your business. You are very open and honest and your integrity is clear."

Rach (May 2014)

"Thank you for providing such great products too, I am so thankful that I can trust your advice and recommend things to other people from what you have told me and recommended - I just wanted you to know that."

Sarah (May 2014)

 "Thanks guys - You are awesome!"

Brooke (May 2014)

"A huge thankyou, once again. I ordered yesterday morning and received my items this afternoon. My bubbys eczema will thankyou I'm sure Now I'm scouring ur site for what I should purchase Next!!"

Rowena (May 2014)

"Package arrived safe and sound, many thanks. Had a great time going through it just a shame I can't use the nappies straight away! Thanks again for great service, I'm stoked to have shopped with you."

Claire (April 2014) 

"I'm loving the nappies! It's kind of ridiculous how excited I get about MCNs, I find I get such a better fit than disposables, they are so much better at containing poo explosions, better for the environment and they look so cute."

Victoria (April 2014)

"My parcel arrived today! Even though I know what's inside I love opening up my goodies. This parcel came with extra love, thank you very much for making me smile. Apikali is a great family business!"

Yumin (April 2014)

"I love everything that you share about your lives and inspirations through your blog. It was actually your blog that was my intro to Apikali while I was researching into MCNs in the early stages, and the info in there was so comprehensive and transparent that it just drew me in :) In addition I just love that Apikali is a family business and our purchases go into helping your daughter :) Even though so far I have only bought nappy stuff thru Apikali I'm starting to have a browse through the eco living part of your range and it just reinforces my desire to be more green living. The next thing I'm going to get are your dishcloths :)  I am loving reusable items more and more."

Andrea (April 2014)

"Hi everyone at Apikali,

I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys are all awesome. I have ordered a few things from you over the past few months as I am preparing for my first bub and plan on using cloth nappies. I always recieve my order within a couple of days of ordering. You are so quick! I also love that you have a sales section as this is a great way of getting a range of brands to try before deciding what to go with.

I will be highly recommending you to any friends who are trying cloth nappies!

Andrea :)Thanks,"

Erin (April 2014)

"Just letting you know I have finally completed paying for my order. Woo hoo! Thank you for being so accommodating, putting up with all the emails/changes and add ons. Look forward to getting my naps and providing some great feedback, absolute pleasure dealing with you :)"

Elise (Mar 2014)

"Thankyou for the great customer service. Fast response, very helpful and polite :)"

Fanny (Mar 2014)

"Oh thank you so much Tennille for sharing your thoughts! That's because of your honesty, your great advices and the time you take to answer all my questions that I am happy to use your services!"

Rosa (Mar 2014)

"I love what you do and think your store is amazing - I tell all my friends about your library and wish it was around when I first started with cloth!!"

Karen (Mar 2014)

"Thank you Tennille, that is very generous of you. Your customer service is exceptional. I have recommended many of my friends to you. "

Ashleigh (Feb 2014)

"We have really been impressed with your service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends. "

Olivia (Jan 2014)

"Brilliant, thank you! I really appreciate your customised approach. Looking forward to receiving the pack [Nappy Library]."

Kim (Jan 2014)

"Love your site btw, the blogs are great, I have referred many people to your night nappy page, as I found it really helpful. "

Megan (Jan 2014)

"I love your website and the range of nappies, services and other things you have! I wish I found you earlier  before my first was born. I will be recommending you to all my friends and hopefully I will have an excuse to purchase something more in the future J !!"

Yumin (Jan 2014)

"And thank you for being so careful and going above and beyond in your customer service for us all. We really appreciate it :)"

David (Jan 2014)

"Yippee, finger out of backside, {product} ordered. Your site looks great, is easy to navigate, and encourages users (thats me!) to come back for more."

Elspeth (Jan 2014)

"Thanks! Order placed. As always, great customer service and a prompt reply. I've been recomending your shop to all my pregnant friends, thanks for a great service :)"

Yumin (Jan 2014)

"I received my parcel of goodies today and just want to say thank you. Can't wait to start using everything, and the gift of the mama pads is lovely. I loved the personal touch of the handwritten card too. Look forward to stocking up at your store soon."

Sarah (Jan 2014)

"Looking forward to the nappies arriving, you guys have been great and I'll have no hesitation in recommending Apikali to any other parents considering cloth nappies!"

Yumin (Jan 2013)

"I'm actually really excited about all this cloth nappy info since finding your site. When I first bought cloth nappies mid last year, I kind of forgot about them until now when I needed to add to my stash. So that when I started using them, there was a lot of trial and error (and ignorance). After hours of computer time perusing different nappies, I really wish I just came across your site first and saved myself all those hours. You offer a great range and great nappy knowledge."

Sam (Nov 2013)

"Thanks so much for all your help. We'll be repeat customers and think your business is great."

Tash (Nov 2013)

"Just wanted to let you know that my HUGE parcel just arrived and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much! "

Chantell (Nov 2013)

"I just sat down to email you! It was a lovely suprise on my doorstep when I got home today. Thanks so much for your help and your offer to replace the nappies. You have an amazing small business an your customer service is amazing! You should be very proud :)"

Sarah (Nov 2013)

"Thank you SO MUCH for all your help. I'm really excited about getting stuck into using cloth nappies on a regular basis now! "

Sarah (Oct 2013)

"I really love the [products]we are currently have too.  I also love your nappy website, I tell all my mummy friends about it!  Thanks."

Diana (Oct 2013)

"Thank you so much Tenille, I wasn't expecting a reply so soon! Your customer service is superb which is why I keep coming back to Apikali! A happy cloth camper."

Paul (Oct 2013)

"Thank you so much! You are the best online baby shop!"

Naomi (Oct 2013)

"Thanks Tennille. My order arrived this morning. I only recently discovered your website and am very impressed with your range and prices. I will definitely being shopping with you again soon. I am also part of a mothers group with 11 lovely full-time cloth users so will be more than happy to tell them all about your site."

Tara (Oct 2013)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your excellent service and understanding! The nappies are gorgeous!"

Casey (Oct 2013)

"Wow Tennille, you are amazing and oh so knowledgeable!! Thanks for the detailed advice. ... Thanks once again. You are the MCN guru of all gurus!"

Anna (Sept 2013)

"Thanks for letting me know about the [product], Tennille, the service from you guys is fabulous."

Emma (Sept 2013)

"Thanks Tennille, you have made this whole process a lot of fun and HEAPS less worrying and daunting than if I was trying to do it on my own.  It's been a real pleasure :)"

Robyn (Sept 2013) 

"Thanks again Tennille. Thanks for making this "career" of being a mummy a little more exciting with the joys of the cloth nappy world."

Diana (Sept 2013)

"I've prepped and stacked my GroVia soaker pads and neatly arranged my shells, today she is wearing Robots! I just wanted to thank you for your service and for adding the extra treats in my order!"

Anna (Sept 2013)

"Thanks Tennille, have placed my order this morning. Love the service from you its so fabulous. Looking forward to my new nappies."

Lyn (Sept 2013)

"Thanks, and more importantly thank you for doing great work with all the mums out there who are starting to use cloth nappies."

Laura (Sept 2013) 

"I love that you guys are providing for your own family by helping other families too, think it's brilliant!"

Emma (Aug 2013)

"Early parenthood has been difficult, but things are getting easier now :) 
Thanks Tennille you have been so helpful, it's really been so fantastic!"

Heather (Aug 2013)

"I've been meaning to send you a note to say thank you so much for the extra liners and for getting the jelly stone chew to me.  Everything has arrived safe and sound! The breast pads look fabulous. They will definitely be a standard gift to all my new mummy friends!"

Olivia (Aug 2013)

"Thanks Tennille and James-I have been telling all my friends and family about your wonderful site and family business-my husband and I cannot wait to receive our goodies! "

Heidi (Aug 2013)

"Thank you again for all your help, I will be recommending your company for years to come - as an environmental manager for local government, I am hoping to be able to influence at least a few mums at work to go cloth :-)"

Kristie (Aug 2013)

"Thanks very much for your specials they are truly specials, not stupid sales where items are advertised on sale and you go to view the specials only to find a saving of something silly like save $1. Apikali everyday prices are like sale prices! Also wanted to say recieved my Mommy Necklaces and love them, so much better than the silicone type..., my favourite necklace in the Mommy Necklace range is the Nourish Necklace. I have purchased the multicolour one and black and white one and both myself and my 6mth old daughter love them. Thanks for everything."

Jools (Aug 2013)

"I recieved my order of ...[products] and love all of it thank you. The breast pads are soooo much better than the ones I previously purchased from a different company. So happy with your services. Thank you."

Minna (July 2013)

"I received my order today. Thankyou so much for the (products)! A very nice surprise extra! And I am happy with everything else, although I have just placed an order for (Products), LOL, I think I should have done a nappy trial!

But I had initially dismissed wool covers as from what ive read they seemed too complicated but your website makes them sound easy! So thankyou for your wonderful website and for making all options sound do-able!

I'll definately recommend your website as the go-to for nappies! Im very happy! 
Thankyou :)"

Jane (July 2013)

"Yay got my order today, thanks so much for the extra goodies too what a lovely suprise : ). I will definitely be recommending you to my friends although I think some of them think I'm a bit mad for using cloth."   

Angela (July 2013)

"So glad I found Apikali! Its lovely to deal with a business with such fantastic customer service." 

Jennifer (July 2013) 

"I received the package yesterday and wanted to say thank you again.               
I am very happy with everything ordered."

Eleanor (July 2013)

"I've just spent 2 days (in between baby care) trying to work out everything cloth and wish I'd found your page sooner!!"

Jane (July 2013)

"Thanks so much for your quick reply Tennille!  Very helpful info. I need a few other things as well so can have a good look tonight when munchkin goes to bed.  I wish I could just buy one of everything in your shop!! ; )"

Olivia (July 2013

"I love the Apikali website and Facebook feeds and can't wait for our first order!:-). I have answered the questions and am looking forward to receiving the nappy library :-)."

Katrina (July 2013)

"Thanks so much Tennille. I received the parcel today - as usual, you are so very prompt."

Alexandra (June 2013)

"Loved my last order. Thanks so much! Looking forward to the next."

Penni (June 2013)

"Thanks so much, everything is perfect as usual. Loving the new prints (products)!!"

Bec (June 2013)

"My parcel arrived safely this morning - thank you! Perfect service and goods, as always :)"

Catherine (May 2013)

"I hope to get to one of the markets soon so we can meet in person! 
Thank you again for your wonderful and warm customer service."


Jeralee (May 2013)

"Thanks for all the awesome products you have available and your excellent customer service!"

Rachel from NZ (May 2013)

"Thanks for your wonderful service, the flexibility and extra's that you gave me because the order wasn't exactly as placed - great customer experience."

Melanie (May 2013)

"You've been a great help, thanks. Would recommend anyone to your shop, very happy it worked as I really wanted those nappies."

Jeralee (April 2013)

"Thanks very much for that Tennille... I'll check out the (product) too. I love your website, it's the first and usually only place I go to for anything cloth nappy related, thanks for all your great work!"

Anne (April 2013)

"Would HIGHLY recommended Apikali MCN for anyone wanting info, help, advice and marvellous service -Tennille has been so helpful and understanding for a first time grandma wanting to get her daughter-in-law on the way to using MCN, I just can't wait for our grandbaby to arrive in May so we can start using our MCN... she is going to have to cutest tooshie in the neighbourhood thanks to Apikali."

Lily (Mar 2013) 

"...just wanted to thank you for all the help that you gave us as new cloth nappy users. I'll definitely be back for more!"

Katrina (Mar 2013)

"I cannot recommend Apikali highly enough so far ... you have been great! Will definitely be suggesting you to all mums that are thinking about the possibility of cloth nappies!"

Loren (Mar 2013)

"Thanks again for your awesome service :)"

Kahlia (Feb 2013)

"Thanks for such an excellent site & awesome bargains!"

Karen (Feb 2013)

"Hi Tennille, Just wanted to say a big thank you for your exceptional customer service. Your communication skills and attention to detail is much appreciated and not easy to find these days!"

Allie (Feb 2013)

"I am due late May with #2 and looking into mcn this time round, I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't daunting to see all the the different styles and terms used but managed to learn a lot from your site. I fully intend to take advantage of your library/trial services after bub arrives (brilliant idea) but I couldn't resist snapping up a few (your products) on special on monday. I was so surprised to have them delivered the very next day less than 24hrs after I placed the order! The nappies actually beat the email letting me know my order had been dispatched :D Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so impressed with your range, so very happy with your amazing service and I can't wait to start building up my stash through you guys xox"

Carmela (Jan 2013)

"Excellent, thanks for your prompt service."

Anna (Jan 2013)

"You are just a gem... thank you so much for the little 'extras' in my package, was a gorgeous surprise :) Thanks again for brilliant customer service!"

Loren (Jan 2013)

"You are amazing - thank you so much for your great service - looking forward to starting my cloth journey :)"

Trish (Jan 2013)

"Have been meaning to write since forever to say thank a huge thank you for your help when I purchased my nappies from you. By far the best service I have had in a long time. I loved how you kept in touch and I really love reading your little tips, which I follow and pass on to friends. (My son) and I recieve heaps of compliments on his fluffy bottom and I make sure I direct people to you."

Kym (Jan 2013)

"Thanks again, I've told three people about you, I think your service is great and much needed."

Hui (Jan 2013)

"Thank you so much for your kindness, really appreciate your great customer service."

Jess (Jan 2013)

"Thanks so much for your advice and all your time to send me this information! I really appreciate it, and feel far less daunted to go with cloth nappies when there's expert advice out there to help with my choice!"

Rebecca (Dec 2012)
"The replacement (product) have arrived and I just wanted to say thank you.Firstly, the (product) are utterly gorgeous. They're perfect! The only thing is I am now strugglng with giving them as a gift after all - I so want to keep them! But mainly, I am so grateful to you for being so completely wonderful about returning the original ones, fixing up the postage, and the extras you sent. That was truly outstanding customer service, well above and beyond what was expected and what is normal, and I really appreciate it. Plus, your attention to my feedback about the original (product) and updating of the website description etc. has really impressed me too. The whole experience has been honestly quite remarkable, and I will be recommending Apikali to everyone, and in fact have a couple of times already!"

Ruth (Dec 2012)

"I would like to congratulate you on your fabulous customer service. I appreciated the email below and promptly received my order today. Thank you so much for the extra (product). I am just starting out building my cloth stash so any thing extra is very welcome. In comparison to your attentive service I am still awaiting delivery from (competitor). I placed my order 11 working days ago and have since heard nothing. Well done on being a much superior business whilst still retaining personalised service!"

Rebecca from NSW (Dec 2012)

"First of all, sincerest thanks for such a prompt and cheerful reply. I had heard "through the grapevine" that Apikali customer service was excellent, and your response has completely confirmed this for me - it being exactly what I want to hear as a customer - friendly and clearly wanting to work towards a satisfactory conclusion. Such a positive attitude is very refreshing. I do understand that occasional disappointments are bound to happen when online shopping and essentially buying a little "unseen" but the variation in quality of "after-sales service" can be quite astonishing. Apikali will go far with you at the helm!"

Meredith from QLD (Nov 2012)

"Thank you so much for your speedy delivery and for my free gift, that's so thoughtful :) Thanks again for your awesome customer service...."

Kylie from NSW (Nov 2012)

"Thanks Apikali for chasing up our lost-in-couriering parcel - it arrived Tuesday morning. Your customer service is outstanding!

Loving the Close reusable wipes - nice and bright - a perfect accompaniment to the Close Pop-Ins!

Looking forward to placing my next order..."

Penni from Vic (Nov 2012)

"Just wanted to say thanks for your awesome customer service. I'm currently trying to convince hubby to let me buy some more pop-ins, and when I do they will definitely be from you. I have been recommending you to all my cloth mamma friends :)"

Bethany from NSW (Oct 2012)

"I've been following your blogs and facebook posts and am convinced that you are the nappy guru!"

Jessica from Vic (Oct 2012)

"I'm just so glad I found your website. I love it. Its so amazing. I've never found so much choice and information on cloth nappies and your prices are amazing!! I can't wait to get the parcel, it's like Christmas every time :) "

Belinda from QLD (Oct 2012)

"I would just like to say a big thank you! I ordered some ...(products) yesterday (Sunday) and they arrived midday today (Monday), I was blown away and very excited as I havent been able to use my sons stash on him until finding out about and receiving my fleece. I will be recommending you to all my friends, your prices are wonderful and your service fantastic. Keep up the good work, we will definitely be customers for as long as we are in nappies :)"

Claire from NSW (Oct 2012)

"Thank you, thank you so much! I just received my night nappy library pack. It's so beautifully presented with all sorts of extras. Your service was fantastic - you were so helpful and extremely efficient. One very pleased customer here :)"

 Rachael from QLD (Oct 2012)

I must admit I don't know much about MCNs yet, I don't have a child yet though, so I still have time to read up. I'm so glad to have you to ask questions to Tennille. You are always so honest, whether the answer be simple or not. You suggest things I have never considered and you give reasons for why or why not to do something. I love that you are not running a business to make heaps of money off each nappy, but that you will suggest the best solution for each individual person. I just wish there were more business owners out there that were so real and so helpful!

Claire from NSW (Oct 2012)

"You've been fantastic Tennille - Talk about great friendly efficient service! and great princing too."

Jo from QLD (Oct 2012)
"I'm extremely new to the MCN world (these will be my 5th and 6th nappies!) and your website has been so helpful! The detailed explanations about each and every aspect of your products has made it really easy to understand what it is like and how to use it. Thank you so much."

Sal from Townsville (Sept 2012)

"Thanks for the Novice Nappy Library Pack. It was really fun to try out so many different brands. I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the service- your service is very personal and classy. I think you have a great range that cover the spectrum so that everyone using the novice pack will find something to suit their budget, baby and own needs. Sure beats watching hundreds of you tube clips!"

Simon from NSW (Sept 2012)

"Fantastic buying experience. Next day delivery - very impressed thank you."

Rachael from QLD (Sept 2012)

"I have to tell you, your website is fantastic! I enjoyed reading your personal story. I think the way you review and categorise the nappies is fantastic.... I think the cloth nappy library is a brilliant idea, as my first piece of advice to anyone wanting to use cloth is try a few before you invest in a whole set, as not all nappies suit all babies."

Karena from WA (Sept 2012)

"I'm so excited to get them washed and ready to use!!! Whoo-hoo! Thank you so much for the added extra...I'll also be spruiking your business ;) Thanks so much for your great customer service."

Hayley from QLD (Sept 2012)

"You have been awesome. I will be highly recommending you and I will be purchasing nappies from you. Such wonderful service, even though 'Apikali' didn't stock a night nappy library pack, she went above and beyond in creating one and was ready the next day. Would definitely give my highest recommendations."

Rachael from Brisbane (Aug 2012).

"So impressed by your service, communication and products!!!"

Yvette from NSW (Aug 2012)

"Thank you for doing all this to help find the package! Most people just say it was lost and you loose the money! Good luck with your new business! Its arrived and it is gorgeous."

Nat from Vic (Aug 2012)

"Great Communication."

Anj from NSW (Aug 2012

"Recommend, A+++"

Rebecca from ACT (Aug 2012)

"Thank you for your excellent customer service.
I'm looking forward to the new nappies.Thank you very much! My little boy just loves stroking the minky fabric!"