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Troubleshoot: My cloth nappies or bucket smells. Help!
 9/20/2014  by 

my cloth nappies smellFrom the Cloth Nappy Doctor Blog

Smelly Cloth Nappies? The 3 main reasons why

If you cloth nappies have a urine odour, check the following:

  • Ensure you are using the full recommended dose of detergent (Washing Products), too much can make the fabric smell;
  • Do not use detergent that has any ‘extra’s will all lead to fabric starting to smell).
  • Make sure you have lots and lots of sun exposure. It is fantastic for bleaching and ridding smells.
  • Ideally, wash daily.
  • If that does not work, try a strip wash as described below.

Bucket smells from the cloth nappies

Here are some tips to reduce the smell of your bucket, if using one:

  • Leave the lid off or use a lid that swings. This helps with air circulation.
  • Rinse the nappies before dry pailing to decrease the toxicity of urine.
  • After you have put the cloth nappies in the wash, wipe the bucket with an old rag with a few drops of eucalytus or tea tree oil. Just throw the wipe in with your cloth nappies. If you are feeling extra special, try a few drops of lavendar.
< How To: Washing cloth nappies  |  Troubleshoot: Preventing leakage >