Troubleshoot: Preventing leakage
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Troubleshoot: Preventing leakage
 12/27/2013  by 

preventing leakage in cloth nappiesThe Fit

Ensure the cloth nappy is snug around the thigh. This will prevent leaks and ensure it all stays in. Make sure it is done up comfortably around babys middle. You will know if it is too tight if there are imprints left on baby after each nappy change. Too loose, will mean it will fall off and clothing will not fit. This applies to OSFM and sized nappies. There are plenty of videos now on the internet showing you how to fit each brand of nappy. We will link to these soon.


Ensure you have the right amount of boosting (Boosters) for each change. Newborns will need less, while older babies will need more if sleeping through the night (Nighttime Nappies). If your baby is a heavy wetter, consider another layer of boosting during the day. Many cloth nappies allow a lot of customisation when boosting. 

Regularity of changing

Cloth nappies still need to be changed often to prevent leakage and nappy rash, which is the same for disposables. Newborns need 10-12 changes a day, while a toddler can need 6-8 changes a day. Not that much difference from disposables, really.

Decreased absorbency

If the cloth nappy is relatively dry after experiencing leakage it could be due to two  issues. First, if the nappy is new, it will need several washes before it has reached its maximum absorbency. Refer to the manufacturers instructions for how to reach maximum absorbency.

Second, the overuse of detergents, oxidising agents like Napisan, fabric softeners, rash creams, lotions, wet powders or not washing often enough will decrease the absorbancy of cloth nappies. Detergents build up in the fibres, fabric softeners repels liquid and creams/lotions clog the material. Strip washing may improve the absorbancy. See below for laundering cloth nappies. (Washing Products)


If the Liners is sticking out of the cloth nappy, then it can wick moisture away and wet clothing or irritate the skin.

Damp Cloth Nappy

This may seem quite obvious, but ensure your cloth nappies are entirely dry. Particularly the cloth nappies with bamboo composition.

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