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Troubleshoot: Stains on cloth nappies
 9/20/2014  by 

cloth nappies and stainsStains are usually caused by leaving the offending matter in the cloth nappy too long. We recommend changing all soiled cloth nappies as soon as possible to prevent staining (and smell) issues.

But if you do have a stain, hang your cloth nappy stain side towards the sun. The sun is a wonderful bleacher and sanitiser. Remember to hang your nappy by the top and bottom flaps to save the elastics.

Here is an article on how to deal with common cloth nappy stains.

Giving Stains the Flick

If the stain is still a problem, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of your cloth nappy on how to deal with stains.

One way to prevent stains is to use a Liners, reusable or biodegradeable. The solids slip right off or you can put all in the toilet and your cloth nappy still looks great. It also makes for an easier clean up.  

If you have an issue with mould, learn how to prevent and treating. Pop across to Black bits, musty smell...Mould.

Mould can be treated easily. Find out more on Cloth Nappy Central too.

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