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All in One (AIO)

Apikali's range of All in One cloth nappies are what we believe are the best quality for the price. Our range starts with economical all in one cloth nappies to organic cotton AIOs

Parents usually discover the humble AIO cloth nappy after they have played around with pockets or AI2s. AIOs are sometimes a little more costly due to the amount of sewing required to put them together. Its very fiddly. But that little extra cost is made up when you consider the convenience of not snapping or stuffing cloth nappies. You put an AIO on and take it off. There is no work involved with washing or putting together. AIOs are very popular for daycare cloth nappies or parents who are very busy.

What to consider when choosing an AIO: Do you want the similar convenience of a disposable cloth nappy? Did you want to reuse the cover, this cannot be done with AIOs?

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