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Apikali PEG Fabric Surrounds

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Apikali PEG Fabric Surrounds

Apikali PEG Fabric Surrounds

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Apikali Fabric Surrounds are a practical and pleasing accessory for children and adults who have a feeding tube inserted into their tummies.

They are designed to replace the tape and gauze/swispers.

Many individuals have allergies to tape, however, these surrounds are held in place by a Snap. So NO more tape or sticky residue on tummies or fingers!

Each Surround is made from 100% cotton with absorbent bamboo fabric. All natural materials for a sensitive area, but you also have the antibacterial and breathable properties of bamboo.

Apikali Fabric Surrounds are soft enough to assist with preventing rub marks from the tube, and making changing time a lot easier.

Care and Use instructions:

Wash in warm water with a quarter of your regular detergent. If Surrounds are absorbing discharge, then soak in warm water and wash as above.

If an infection is present, ensure antibacterial rinse is used to prevent continued infection. If concerned, please see your GP.

Depending upon each individuals condition, we suggest changing at least twice a day for hygiene. If discharge is constant, we suggest changing every few hours.

Our Abbey

We use the Apikali Fabric Surrounds for Abbey's Mickey Peg. She has constant granulation and discharge, so we change twice a day.

She is more comfortable and it's always pleasing to see some colour when we go to feed her. It's also so much easier to change then fumbling around with tape and gauze.

So if you're tied of making cuts in gauze/Swispers, finding the end of the tape role and paying money for something you constantly throw away, then here is the solution !

We recommend at least 6 Fabric Surrounds if you're changing twice a day.

Each surround is approx 3 inches in diameter and the split is just pass half way.

Prints Available

peg surrounds
60's blue
peg surroungs
blue swirl
peg surroungs
blue zig
peg surroungs
circus dots
peg surroungs
peg surroungs
peg surroungs
grey candy
peg surroungs
peg surroungs
purple diamonds
peg surroungs
purple pansies
peg surroungs
red swirl
peg surroungs
swamp thing

The Apikali Fabric Surrounds are handmade by Tennille and snapped by James.

5 Stars
Fabric surrounds
I purchase these for a friends son who has luekodystophy, krabbe disease and recently got his P.E.G in. They are so happy with how soft they are and how much more comfortable he is with them on. Thank you. Keep up the great work!
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