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AppleCheeks Insert - Single

AppleCheeks Insert - Single

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Type: Insert for Apple Cheeks Cover
Fixing: Cover is snap
Sizing: 2ply or 3ply. XL 3 ply for Size 3/4 covers are 44*47cm approx
Manufacturer: Canada
Warranty: Snap issues for 18 months, elastic defects for 60 days (exempting known issues with some rubber elastics) and workmanship/sewing defects for 30 days. Our warranty on inserts covers sewing defects only for 30 days.

Comments: This time around at Apikali we have decided to stock the covers from Apple Cheeks. We find the covers are extremely versatile and will suit the lifestyle of many parents. The cover is available in 3 sizes, from newborn to 30+ kgs. The size 2 cover will fit from 8 to 18 kg, the time most parents decide to start cloth nappying their babies. Add the insert for a very absorbent cloth nappy. The insert fits all size covers, so all you need to do is replace your cover.

The cover can be used over flats or fitted cloth nappy, you can place a prefold inside the cover or even use the cover as a pocket nappy.  

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Two or three layers layers of ultra-soft 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece give you the ultimate in comfort and absorbency! Fold this approximately 12? x 15? insert into thirds and you get six layers in the soaker zone. 

XL 3 ply for Size 3/4 covers are 44*47cm approx

Use this insert in an AppleCheeks Envelope Diaper Cover.

 Rayon from Bamboo is perfect for the heaviest wetter as it retains twice as much moisture as cotton alone for its weight! Rayon from bamboo’s antimicrobial properties make it the healthy choice for your baby’s bottom. Rayon from Bamboo is the cloth diapering choice!

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