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AppleCheeks Mega Zip 27*19*6cm

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AppleCheeks Mega Zip 27*19*6cm

AppleCheeks Mega Zip 27*19*6cm

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Just what you have been waiting for, the MegaZip, by AppleCheeks, is the perfect size for toting so many things, from (wet or dry) clothing to toys to cloth diapers to essentials for any member of the family. Made from food safe fabric, the MegaZip can also be used to carry snacks and other food. You will find many uses for this versatile, multi-purpose sac, which measures 10.5” long, 7” tall, with a generous a 2.5” gusset.

Size 27cm * 19cm with 6cm gusset approx


Applecheeks is made in Canada.

Minizips are also food grade safe and can be used as snack bags for cookies, dried fruits or nuts. Use your imagination.

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