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Baby Beehinds Fitted Packages

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Baby Beehinds Fitted Packages

Baby Beehinds Fitted Packages

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Type: Fitted 
Cover:  Required
Inner material: Bamboo or Hemp
Absorbency:Bamboo or Hemp
Closure: Snap
Sizing: OSFM 
Manufacturing:  China  
Warranty: 6 months 

Comments: Baby Beehinds fitted cloth nappies are Australias' favourite. We can see why here at Apikali. This fitted cloth nappy is truly OSFM, its design allows it to be easily sized to fit baby and a breeze to launder.

The bamboo fitted nappy can take longer to dry, due to the excellent absorbancy of bamboo. Consider some Baby Beehinds hemp fitted nappies  for use during the day time, as hemp dries quicker than bamboo. Once dry, particularly in dry heat, these nappies can feel stiff. This does not affect their performance, and a quick scrunch with your hands or a short spin in the dryer can loosen the fibres.

In the early days of our first child, we trialed several brands of fitted nappies and found Baby Beehinds fitted nappies to be the best in terms of fit, absorbency, ease of care and easy to use. It is with great sadness that as I write this website, my Baby Beehind fitted nappies have seen the end of their days. It has been over 7 years since we bought our first set of cloth nappies. They are still performing well, but they have finally lost some of their absorbency. The snaps and elastics are still working, but the material in the wee zone has lost its fluff. 

You will need covers for these nappies, check out our range.

Hugely popular nappy- Australia's favourite fitted!

These nappies are immensely popular due to their all round great fit and excellent absorbency. They fit the average sized baby through from birth to toddlerhood, however very solid or tall toddlers may outgrow them earlier than a toddler of average height and weight.

One-Size-Fits-Most, these nappies are designed to fit most little ones from birth through to toddlerhood (approx 4-15kg). Made from 10% polyester, 30% certified organic cotton and 60% bamboo fleece, these nappies offer flexibility in fit and absorbency, enabling you to adjust the nappies to suit your baby's own needs.

Features and useful info:
One-Size-Fits-Most design (approx 4-15kg)
Made from 10% polyester (for fluff retention) / 60% bamboo viscose (for absorbency) and 30% organic cotton fleece (for absorbency and quicker drying time)
Resin Snap Closure 2 snap-in boosters (one short, one long) to enable flexibility of absorbency and fit
Fibres are grown without the use of pesticides, using renewable resources
Requires a cover to be worn over the top to keep clothes dry.
'Natural' coloured fabric (undyed) next to baby's skin.

What Apikali Parents say

Sally says "I love these. They were the first OSFM nappy that we used on our baby at around 6 weeks. Havent had a leak yet."

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