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Baby Beehinds Liners

Baby Beehinds Liners

Baby Beehinds Liners

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500 pack
These beauties make change time a breeze! 
Simply add to each nappy, and when soiled they catch the solids & let the liquids through. Then just pop the soiled ones down the loo, and bin the wet ones! 
 Made from 100% Pure Viscose. 
They are Compostable, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Chemical Free & Eco-Friendly. 
 Liners reduces soiling of nappies to make cleaning easier and more hygienic, soft and gentle on skin with a stay dry feel. 
 Try our Liners today, you won’t look back Liner Size is 20 x 33 cms 
 If you flush the poo soiled liners down the toilet, please ensure your septic system or local council allows such a practise. We recommend scraping poo into the toilet and placing soiled liner in the bin.

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