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Baby Beehinds Night Cloth Nappy - Sized

Baby Beehinds Night Cloth Nappy - Sized

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Type: Night Nappy All in Two
Cover: Required
Inner material: Microfleece/Cotton
Closure: Snap
Sizing: Small, medium or large
Manufacturing: China
Warranty: 6 months

Comments: As always, Baby Beehinds have made an excellent night nappy, which is great for a heavy wetter. It has a lot of absorbency with the ability to customise where your baby needs it most. At the front for boys or tummy sleepers and back for girls or back sleepers.

Design characteristics to be aware of though include it is very bulky (due to the 23 layers of bamboo) and it requires a cover. The shell is made of cotton/microfleece which is not highly absorbent, so all of your absorbency is found in the snap in insert.

If your baby is a wriggler when asleep, consider the Baby Beehinds Baby Beehinds Fitted nappy with a wool cover. The shell is entirely bamboo and therefore wonder absorbency all over. This can be boosted with their trifold bamboo booster. Also less cost for this later option.


The Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews the Baby Beehinds Night Nappy

This is one of the best night nappies you will find! Loved by mums across the world, for medium to heavy wetters this is a must have in your cloth nappy stash! Why do mums love this product?

  • Side snaps allow independent fastening at the waist and thigh for the perfect fit.
  • A Fitted style nappy, so the whole nappy is absorbent to get your baby through all night!
  • Utilising our customised Bamboo Fleece for superior absorbency - you can get up to 23 layers of absorbency with this style
  • An outer layer of velvety organic cotton velour
  • Deliciously soft microfleece inner lining keeps bums feeling dry all night!
  • Snap in 'quick dry' absorbency with two long 'tails' mean you can customise for boys or tummy sleepers to add extra layers where it is needed!
  • Team this nappy with on of our awesome wool covers, for the ultimate night time solution.

As they are a Fitted style, they do require a PUL OR Wool Cover for waterproofing. Team these with our Wool covers for a fail proof night solution, even for the heaviest of wetting babies!


Small 2.7 to 5.5 kg

Medium 5 to 11 kg

Large 10.5 to 16 kg

If your baby is a heavy wetter and you need a heavy duty nappy to cope with the long night hours, we're sure you'll love these specifically designed night time nappies.

They truly offer incredible absorbency, with up to 23 layers of bamboo fleece right in the wet zone where it is needed most!

As this nappy is a fitted nappy, the whole nappy is absorbent, and therefore a cover is required over the top to keep baby's clothing and bedding dry. We recommend our wool nappy cover for use with the night nappy.

Side snapping nappies are great as they allow babies who have chubby or lean thighs alike to get a perfect fit.

The waist and leg settings can be fastened independently, so if baby has a little waist but big thighs- that's okay- this nappy can still provide a beautiful fit!

We recommend 4 + night nappies per baby, to allow for washing every second day. Extra are needed to allow for drying time.

Please note sizing is a guide only and some babies may outgrow a particular size even if they are under the maximum weight range.

4 Stars
Good but bulky
These are super absorbent but do need a cover and are quite bulky. They suit my heavy wetter.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from ACT. on 8/10/2015
4 Stars
BBH night nappy
These really do what they say they do. Last all night! The cover is quite soft and squidgy but I think the point is to wick away wetness from babies' skin. I put an Apikali micro fleece reusable liner against bubs skin and use a generously proportioned cover. Plush is a good word for this nappy. Glad I got large for my chunky monkey (at 9 months he's 12kg) and there's room to grow. A good thing about the insert is it's sewn into one piece so no 'bits' to lose!
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Reviewed by:  from Corowa. on 7/21/2015
1 Stars
Not ideal for some
This nappy has swiftly made it to the top of our, "only use if you are out of everything else" stash and here is why. My toddler is skinny and long. The fit is terrible on her. I struggle to get the legs done up snug and when I do she ends up with a painful welted rash from the rough overlooked outer edge being wee soaked and pressing into her. If I leave it looser, the wee floods straight off the fleece and out the leg hole to soak the bed. The nappy also has a very low rise. The only benefit, I've found it to dry faster than other night nappies.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Brisbane. on 2/23/2015

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