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Best Bottom Booster

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Best Bottom Booster

Best Bottom Booster

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The Best Bottoms Booster is designed to fit into the Best Bottoms Training Pants. 

Consisting of 2 layers of super thirsty microfiber and made to fit with any Regular insert option of the same size. Snap in the Doubler option and snap the Potty Pants insert of your choice on top! Best Bottom Doublers are almost identical to the Microfiber Overnight inserts above. The only major difference is thickness. Less layers of microfiber result in a thinner insert, a less bulky diaper, and more mobile baby!

This booster is designed if your little one needs a little extra time to get to the toilet. It adds a small amount of absorbency.

They come in two sizes depending on how much assistance your little one needs. Use the medium size for the larger sized training pants.

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