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Bubble Dough by Punkin Butt

Bubble Dough by Punkin Butt

Bubble Dough by Punkin Butt

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Punkin Butt Bubble Dough for the bath will perfectly delight everyone in the family. The Bubble Dough is designed to be squished and shaped by children to produce a bath full of bubbles. Available in scented or unscented

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

This has to be one of the most exciting products to test from Punkin Butt. Our boys and Abbey even were involved to ensure the Punkin Butt Bubble Dough is as fun as they say! 
Each product comes with 3 dough balls for lots of bubbles. Kids are encouraged to squish and shape the dough while running them under the water as the bath fills to produce a bubble bath.
Don’t take baths? You can use it in the shower too! It’s like a squishy bar of soap and also makes a wonderful shampoo.
Made with simple and skin loving ingredients, your skin will love this soap.

Punkin Butt Bubble dough is sulfate free, paraben and talc free, available in their custom calming blend of essential oils.


Punkin Butt Bubble Bath Dough is not play dough.
It has a slightly stickier feel to it and is meant to be played with in the bath tub or ran under running water to create bubbles.
It only takes a golf ball size, so you can get a couple baths out of each color.
Once wet and used, NEVER put it back in the original container! While we have a natural preservative in our dough, water can create a breeding ground for undesirable bacteria or mould.
We suggest using the amount of Dough for each bath time. We found a third to a half of each ball was enough for lots of bubbles.

Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Cream of Tartar, Lathanol Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Sunflower Oil, Colorants, Optiphen, Fragrance (Lavender, Mandarin, Tangerine and Chamomile essential oils).

Lathanol Powder is a very gentle sulfate-free. The colorants are lake dyes that are FDA approved and batch certified. This ensures they are safe for use and won’t stain your bath tub! 

Scented is the Calming Essential Oil blend of lavender, chamomile, mandarin and tangerine.

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tips
Should you want more bubbles, placing the Punkin Butt Bubble Bath Dough in a fine mesh strainer and holding it under running water will boost your bubble volume. If your Punkin Butt Bubble Bath Dough feels dried out or stiff, just remove it and knead it in your hands for a couple seconds until it is soft and pliable again.

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