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cloth nappy 101 at apikaliNappy Knowledge is not about convincing you to use modern cloth nappies. It is providing you with the information to make smart and informed choices about which cloth nappies are best for your baby, you and your lifestyle. We want Nappy Knowledge to be a place where the uninitiated can learn about cloth nappies in our All About Cloth Nappies pages, for those returning can add to their current stash and as a central place to answer all of those questions you may feel funny asking.

Oh, and what about laundering your cloth nappies. It really is as easy as all the hype says. After 7 years and 4 kids, with 2 still in cloth nappies, its all about finding the cloth nappy that suits you. I do a half load every day or a full load every 2 days. And I have timed how long it takes me to put together the two lots of cloth nappies...15 minutes! Thats half the time of your favourite sitcom or 5 of your favourite songs. For me thats a quarter episode of Law and Order or 4 Norah Jones songs. Check out our Caring for Cloth Nappies.

Okay, lets get started. If all that reading is too much, hire a pack from our Nappy Library and get all 'touchy feely' with the range of cloth nappies!

 Cloth 101: Cloth Nappies are Cheaper  12/27/2013  by 
Really they are, I have done my own cost analysis. I am also qualified to make it with a PhD in Economics.
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 Cloth 101: Cloth Nappy Styles  12/27/2013  by 
Squares, flats, prefolds, pocket, AIO, AI2...how mad is this?
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 Cloth 101: Components and Materials of Cloth Nappies  12/27/2013  by 
Microfleece, suede, bamboo, hemp, cotton, organic cotton, minky PUL...its more confusing.
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 Cloth 101: How Many Cloth Nappies?  12/27/2013  by 
Dont feel pressured to do full time cloth nappying, even one cloth nappy can save you approx $400. Thats a great $20 investment in your childs future.
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 Cloth 101: The Environmental Debate  12/27/2013  by 
This is a long running saga. Cloth nappies are more environmentally sound. I should know, I am an environmental scientist!
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 Cloth 101: Which cloth nappy to choose?  12/27/2013  by 
We have our Nappy Library or consider these questions.
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 How To: Cloth Nappy Folds for Flats and Prefolds  2/11/2014  by 
Every cloth nappy fold you could imagine.
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 How To: Dealing with poo  12/27/2013  by 
Dealing with poo is easy. And a part of children
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 How To: Drying cloth nappies  12/27/2013  by 
Here are some tips to get your nappies dry asap for their next use.
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 How To: Out and About with Cloth Nappies  12/27/2013  by 
So many parents are too anxious about going out with cloth nappies. Its easy, it really is. You just need the right equipment.
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 How To: Preparing your cloth nappies for use.  12/27/2013  by 
prepping your cloth nappies
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 How To: Store my cloth nappies  9/20/2014  by  Tennille
Store cloth nappies once used in a air rated pail liner, wetbag or bucket.
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 How To: Washing cloth nappies  9/20/2014  by 
Washing cloth nappies is not a mystery. Its about K.I.S.S!
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 Troubleshoot: My cloth nappies or bucket smells. Help!  9/20/2014  by 
Smelly cloth nappies or bucket means different things. Let us help.
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 Troubleshoot: Preventing leakage  12/27/2013  by 
Oh an age old question, its about fit and absorbency. Thats it!
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 Troubleshoot: Stains on cloth nappies  9/20/2014  by 
I have stains on my cloth nappies, what can I do?
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 Troubleshoot: Strip washing  9/20/2014  by 
Is strip washing really necessary?
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 Where To Next: The end of cloth nappying, what to do?  12/27/2013  by 
You have finished using cloth nappies, your baby has grown up? Here are some tips on what to do with your nappies if that are still in a usable condition.
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