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Mother-ease Swim Nappy or Swim Tops - CLEARANCE

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Mother-ease Swim Nappy or Swim Tops - CLEARANCE
UV Sun top

Mother-ease Swim Nappy or Swim Tops - CLEARANCE

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Swimming Nappies

Let's face it. Our little angels can make little messes when we least expect it. That's why Mother-ease® designed a unique swim nappy - to contain those messy accidents, keep pool water clean, and make changing and clean-up easy and quick.

Mother-ease swimming nappies are made from soft, stretchy swimsuit material which allows water to escape, unlike a regular cloth or disposable nappy which absorbs water and weighs baby down while they are trying to learn to swim. They're thin, lightweight, comfortable, with adjustable plastic snaps that open along the reinforced side tabs. Traditional swim nappies have to be pulled off like pants, or have Velcro closures that often stick to a parent's bathing suit.

Inside the swim nappy, our exclusive elasticised "poo-catcher" net keeps accidents contained for immediate clean up.

Our swimming nappies have soft, elasticised waists and legs for fit and comfort. They are available in a great range colours and prints and can be worn under baby's swimsuit or alone as a swimsuit.

Size Weight Range

Small to X Large

Designer Sun Tops

Complete your baby's swimming outfit with our super-cute designer sun tops! Made from the same top quality material as our swimming nappies these sun tops not only look great but give your baby SPF 50+ protection from the sun.

The girls top is cut in a cute "A line" with a ruffled sleeve for extra protection. The boys top is cut in more conventional lines with shoulder inserts and short sleeves. These sun tops are a "must have" for summer and make a great gift idea!

Mother-ease swimming nappies are made of soft stretchy swim suit material. The swim suit material stands up to constant use in pool or salt water, which quickly deteriorates lower quality fabrics.

Product tag reads

Outer: "85% Nylon, 15% Spandex"

Inner: "100% Nylon"

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