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At Apikali we provide a range of fitted cloth nappies to suit your fabric requirements, including bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and cotton. Your choice between the brands should begin with your fabric choice, then the cloth nappy style which will suit you. There are brands that have the entire absorbency sewn into the cloth nappy , which increases drying time. Brands which separate out the layers of absorbency with inserts that place or snap in, help reduce drying time. But they also allow you to customise the absorbency to suit your baby's need.

Fitted cloth nappies are truly fabulous heavy wetters and older babies. The entire nappy is absorbent, unlike pockets, AIOs or AI2s. You will also need a cover for fitted cloth nappies.

Check out The Cloth Nappy Doctors Blog on what the best bits are about fitted cloth nappies.

Cloth Nappy Doctor chats fitted cloth nappies.

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Baby Beehinds Night Cloth Nappy - Sized
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$34.00  $17.00
Ecoposh OBV Fitted Cloth Nappy - one size
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$45.50  $36.32