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Fresh Moon Elegance cloth pads - bamboo velour

Fresh Moon Elegance cloth pads - bamboo velour
Liner 11in

Fresh Moon Elegance cloth pads - bamboo velour

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Elegance Pads from Fresh Moon features high-quality, elegant fabrics that are highly absorbent and the black fabric disguises any stains! Made with Organic Cotton and Hemp and a top layer of bamboo velour for softness and comfort. A backing a moisture locking Windpro Fleece assists in preventing leaks.

Sizes available:

Simple Liners are used the same way you would use a panty liner. They are great for everyday use and provide protection against natural discharges, light menstrual flows, and light incontinence issues. They also are great as a back up for tampons, sea sponge tampons, the Keeper or the Diva Cup. Whatever your need, they have plenty of absorption for light coverage and you can pick the length that makes you feel most comfortable and secure.


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