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Fresh Moon Snap in Soaker Pads - Sized

Fresh Moon Snap in Soaker Pads - Sized
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Fresh Moon Snap in Soaker Pads - Sized

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Soaker Pads are contoured snap-on pads that attach to same size Body. 

9" has two sockets to attach to the Body; 

11" and 13" have three to avoid twisting, slipping or leaking. Available in Regular & Postpartum.


Regular soakers are suitable for light to medium flow; typically having 3 layers of absorbent fabrics.


Postpartum Soakers are 14" and extra wide with flared ends for maximum coverage especially while lying down. They have an internally sewn soaker for extra absorbency. These can be worn inside full-cut underwear alone (without SnapOn body) as well for heavy flows, but we recommend using a 13" Body for Postpartum Bleeding that is much heavier.

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