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Funky Fluff Evolutive Multi Stage Bib- CLEARANCE

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Funky Fluff Evolutive Multi Stage Bib- CLEARANCE

Funky Fluff Evolutive Multi Stage Bib- CLEARANCE

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The Funky Fluff Evolutive Bib is designed to grow with your baby. From the moment of starting on solids and let it grow to become a bib for a messy toddler or your blooming artist.

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

You can adjust the height of the bib using the snaps to create a crumb catcher pocket. Unsnap to its full length to use as an apron when helping mommy or daddy in the kitchen. There is longevity and practicality in this bib with multiple uses.


Its fabulous because:


- made from the same waterproof fabrics as our wonderful Lux Diapers, so great for painting or messy mixing of cake batter!

- long design easily covers into an apron for full coverage, saving your toddlers clothes from stains and messes.

- great for messy eaters and little artists alike, as a food catcher or preventing paint reaching clothing.

- velcro free so no getting caught in hair or clothing, or scratchy feelign on the back of the neck.

 - an easy snap closure means no fluff or daisy chains in the laundry

- washer and dryer friendly (on low heat) 

- measures 18 inches tall by 11.5 inches wide

- eco-friendly, non-toxic and designed in Canada




Wash on warm, using residue free detergent, and hang to dry or tumble dry. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach and brighteners.  Lead, phlalate and BPA free.

FUNKY FLUFF™ offer a 6 month warranty 
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