How to use Swipes
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How to use Swipes

Using your Swipes Kit is SO Easy! 

We have made it easy and convenient, so you can concentrate on cuddling and caring for your little one.

Please ensure the lid on each Pail is securely on when product is not in use. We love our children, and would not like for any unnecessary accidents to occur.

Your Complete Kit contains the following items:

- 20 Bamboo Smart Wipes - 21cm x 21cm 

1 Swipes Fresh Essential Oil

1 Swipes Laundry Essential Oil

- 1 Swipes Fresh Pail

1 Swipes Laundry Pail

1 Swipes Small Wetbag

1 Swipes Mesh Bag for Laundry Pail

First time use

Give your Smart Wipes a wash and the Pails a rinse with clean soapy water.

There is not need to dry your wipes, if you intend to put all 20 in the Fresh Pail to use immediately.

Using your Swipes Kit

- Fill your Fresh Pail to approx. half way. Add 3-4 drops of your preferred Fresh Essential Oil.  Add your 20 large Smart Wipes and flip them over so they all get wet. Your Fresh Pail is now ready to go.

- To prepare your Laundry Pail, line with your unzipped Mesh Bag and fold over the edges for security. It will fit snugly inside your Laundry Pail. Fill your Laundry Pail to half way with water, and add 3-4 drops of your Laundry Essential Oil.

- Place your Fresh and Laundry Pails in a safe position ready for the next nappy change.

- For your nappy change, grab one Smart Wipe from the Fresh Pail. Squeeze out any excess water. Wipe and clean baby's bottom. Place your soiled Smart Wipe in the Mesh Bag of the Laundry Pail.

- Ready for washing up the Mesh Bag, secure the Velcro over the zip and place in the washing machine. No need to ever touch the messy stuff!

Washing and Drying

- Washing with your regular clothes on a normal wash with warm water. The Laundry Essential Oil will have been working its magic on the soiled cloths and you can was it all together without risk. Gentle, eco detergents are recommended to ensure the longevity of the bamboo.

- Washing your wipes every day will provide the best results. You can put freshly washed wipes back into your Fresh Pail.

- Pour the remaining water from the Laundry Pail into the toilet.

- There is no need to completely dry your Smart Wipes after a wash, they can be placed back into your Fresh Pail ready for the next use. However if you find they are slightly stained you can dry them in the sun, which is the best sanitiser and bleaching agent.
- Ensure you wash/dry your wipes once a week for optimal freshness.

Swipes Tips:

- We don't recommend the use of Bleach to whiten your Swipes Wipes due to the nature of bamboo wipes. We also like to ensure little to no harsh chemicals are retained in the Swipes Wipes against babies skin.

- The sun is the best bleaching agent and sanitiser.

- You can place your damp Swipes Wipes after washing directly into your Fresh Pail. We suggest rotating them to the bottom for even usage.

- You can use less Fresh Essential Oil in your Fresh Pail if the fragrance is too strong.

- We suggest testing diluted Essential Oils on a small patch of skin if you are concerned about sensitivities. However, these are less harsh than the chemicals found in disposable wipes. Generally 3-4 drops are diluted in one cup or more of water.

- Essential Oils are designed for babies over 6 weeks old.

- Change the water in your Fresh Pail every 1-3days depending upon your climate.

- Change the water in the Laundray at least every 2 days. We recommend every day if poo is present.

Remember if you have any concerns, feel free to contact us!