Little Squirt at Apikali Modern Cloth Nappy Library for children with specials needs or disabilities
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Little Squirt Sprayer

Little Squirt Sprayer

Little Squirt Sprayer

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The Little Squirt makes cleaning cloth nappies so much easier. As Baby Beehinds says, "it does a FABULOUS job at making the cleaning up of solid (or sometimes not so solid!) waste a much easier process."

Once you have squirted the soiling off the nappy, simply put it into your nappy pail ready for wash day. The retained moisture and cold rinse will help prevent smells and staining and make wash day a lot easier!

little squirt

It is super easy to install requiring no special skills or tools.

Worried about toddlers playing spray gun wars??? No problem, the trigger comes with a tamper proof fitting.

The Little Squirt is Australian Made, meeting our standards and it also comes with a one year full manufacturers warranty.

Please note: some modern toilets have their plumbing taps located behind the wall- this device is not suitable for hidden plumbing.
As per image, taps need to be external.

Always twist the safety nut to the closed position after each use.

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