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modern cloth nappies

Modern Cloth Nappies

Are the best cloth diapers to allow you to make a small change with a big impact on your budget, daily lives and that relationship between you and your baby.
Cloth nappies are easy to use, you can choose one that suits your budget, lifestyle and baby's needs. At Apikali we are here to help you. Check out our Cloth Nappy Trial Packs for further assistance or contact us with any query you may have. We have heard it all, seen it all, but are continuing to learn as we grow with our community. 

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AppleCheeks Night Time Nappy
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Print Flannel Wipes by Punkin Butt - Pk 24
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Imagine Cloth Nappy Cover - One size
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Imagine Newborn Cover
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Imagine XL Pocket Cloth Nappy - 16-32+kg
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Seedling Baby Home+Go Mat - 70*100cm
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