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Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants - CLEARANCE

Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants - CLEARANCE

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Type: Pull up pant
Cover: PUL soft cotton feel
Sizing: XS, S, M
Manufacturing: Canada
Warranty: 6 months


Motherease has produced a cloth pull up pant for children who are late to toilet train, or are incontinent. Each pant holds up to 600ml and are pull up/ pull down pants. The weight range is excellent, from 13 to 30 kg.

The absorbent material is design so that it is partially sewn into the pants, allowing for better airing and drying time. They are a bit bulker than normal toilet training pants, but this is to be expected for pants which are required to hold a higher volume.

Unfortunately, they only come in white, so they are unisex. Personally I would like to see a larger range of colours for our special children.

Our super absorbent, totally leakproof, pull up bedwetter pant is carefully designed with a 100% polyester waterproof outer barrier that looks and feels like cotton. A three layer cotton absorbent panel is partially attached at the waist front and back for quicker drying time and better washability.


XS: 13-18 kg

S: 18-25 kg

M: 25-30 kg

Available in plain white only. Absorbency approx. 600ml.

Mother-Ease recommend purchasing according to weight for these pants however we are happy to provide the following measurements so you may make a further informed decision regarding the size of these. It should be noted that due to the way the Bedwetter pants are made it is difficult to get very accurate measurements so these measurements are very approximate and should be used as a guide only. All measurements are taken with the elastic unstretched, a firm fit is required around the leg and waist to avoid any leaks. As with all our products we are happy to accept a return for store credit should they not suit, in accordance to our change of mind return policy Terms & Conditions - Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

XS   Leg 26cm Waist 40cm Rise 44cm
S     Leg 28cm Waist 46cm Rise 48cm
M     Leg 30cm Waist 50cm Rise 54cm

Please note sizings are given as a guide only. If you are unsure, please contact us so we can assist you to make the right selection.

Care Instructions
Please try the pants over clean dry undies before washing or using. We are happy to accept unwashed, unused products for exchange.

First initial wash: Wash the pants once in hot water and a good quality detergent. Tumble or line dry.
Ongoing care:
Turn pants inside out to expose the inner cotton washing for best results, seperate the cotton liner from cotton body, helping the wash water clean.
Run a short wash cycle or rinse cyle with warm or hot water
Run a full wash cycle using hot water and the full recommended amount of a quality laundry detergent.
Using smaller portions or eco/sensitive detergents many not provide the strength to properly clean. Persistent smelliness or nappy rash are symptoms of insufficient cleaning of the pants.
Machine dry on medium heat setting or line dry.

Rinsing the pants each morning will remove most of the concentrated urine, making it easier for your washer to get them clean. Also be sure to wash at least every second day.

Do not bleach as this will greatly reduce the life of the pants.

Comfort: A stay dry liner may be used inside the bedwetter pants to increase comfort and reduce the chance of rashes, if necessary.

No leaking should ever occur. If leaks occur, please check that none of the absorbent cotton is poking out of the pant, there is enough absorbency and the pants are well washed.

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