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Mother-ease produce a range of cloth nappies that have been through the rigours of time, fashion trends and parents needs. Their range includes all styles of cloth nappies, so there is something that suits every parent. The Uno or AIO is excellent for day care, their Duo or AI2 is perfect for budget conscious parents, their Sandys are fabulous for night time or a heavy wetter, and finally their OSFM fitteds are a gentle contoured cloth nappy. 

Mother-ease is very easy to use from newborn with fantastic options to ensure your baby is comfortable and all their output is contained.

At Apikali we support and recommend this brand for its ease of use, range of styles available and amazing customer support that Louise, the Aussie Distributor, provides. We want to see parents choosing the cloth nappy brand that suits their needs, Mother-ease is practical for any parenting situation. Talk to us.

Some Mother-ease love from Apikali Parents:

Yumin says: "Just an update on the ME nappies - they are fantastic. The first nappy I have ever put on bubba and thought, wow what a great fit. As you said it does take a while to dry. The weather has turned foul here  and the constant on and off rainy weather has made it hard to get things out on the line and off in a timely manner. But I have since been able to test both the osfm and the Sandy with the booster and they both performed fabulously. I am thinking of purchasing a package of some sort..." 
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Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants - CLEARANCE
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Mother-ease Swim Nappy or Swim Tops - CLEARANCE
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Mother-ease Rikki Cover - Sized and Velcro- CLEARANCE
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$19.50  $10.00