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Night Time Nappies

Night time Cloth Nappies

If you are looking for a dedicated night time cloth nappy, then it would be because you are tired of wet clothes and sheets in the morning. And possibly a sore red bottom!

There are three things you need to consider when choosing or putting together a night cloth nappy:

1) First is fit. It must fit well with no bigs gaps around legs or the belly.

2) Absorbency. It must be absorbent enough that your little one is not sleeping in a pool of wee over night. This means, when they wake up in the morning there are no wet clothes or sheets.

3) Wicking moisture away. One reason for a red bottom is not enough absorbency and there is no material present to wick away the wetness. So if you are currently only using bamboo for absorbency, but still have a red bottom, then this is due to the bottom sitting on wet urine soaked material. Sort of like a disposable! It is good to have a layer of microfleece, microsuede or microchamois. These materials are great at wick away moisture, but not absorbent.

Steps to find your correct combination:

1) Find a cloth nappy which fits your baby really well. What you currently own or from the example below. The cloth nappies below are all fitted, except for Pikapu, Ezy Peezies and Bum Cheeks.

2) Add boosting. This can be as simple as adding a booster. But if you need more 'power' use a dedicated night nappy, like those below which have more absorbency already included. Boosting can be any form, microfibre, cotton, hemp, or bamboo. Cost increases with each. Find what will work for you and baby.

3) Add a layer to wick away moisture, Apikali fleece liners are great. Pikapu and Baby Beehinds night nappies already contain a layer of microfleece, so none is need.

4) Lastly add a cover, as most night nappies are fitted or prefold. A cover could be just PUL or minky. But if you have an exceptional heavy wetter, add a wool cover which has been lanolised. Another option is if you do not have a heavy wetter, do away with an extra layer of boosting and just add a wool cover.

Remember to contact me if you need further assistance.

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