One Size Fits Most (OSFM) reusable diaper at Apikali and Special Needs
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One Size Fits Most (OSFM)

At Apikali we have the biggest range of OSFM or One Size Fits Most reusable cloth nappies in Australia. There are covers, fitted, pockets, all in ones and all in twos

OSFM is a great way to save money as you only need to buy one cloth nappy, NOT several sizes, from birth to toilet training

BUT be aware that OSFM does not mean one size fits all! The design between many of the brands means they may not fit your baby from birth to toilet training. Some OSFM also have a lower rise compared to a higher rise, or a narrower gusset.

So we suggest that you trial before you buy through our Nappy Library or purchase one of our Apikali Trial packs for the brands you are considering.

Let the Cloth Nappy Doctor show you how to size a one size cloth nappy, HERE.

Wondering if the fold should go up or down on a front snapping OS cloth nappy? The Cloth Nappy Doctor shows you correctly in this video.

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AppleCheeks Insert - Single
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$10.00  $7.00
AppleCheeks Cover - One Size
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$26.00  $18.20
Simply Cloth Bamboo Flat Nappy - 60*60cm
Average Rating(1)
$12.00  $8.00
Simply Cloth Organic Cotton Flat Nappy - 70*70cm
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$12.00  $3.50
Grovia All In Two One size Cover - Hook and loop
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$22.95  $19.51