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Parking Pals - Child Safety in the Car Park - CLEARANCE

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Parking Pals - Child Safety in the Car Park - CLEARANCE

Parking Pals - Child Safety in the Car Park - CLEARANCE

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As parents of 4 children, we know every child is different in their pace of learning, especially about safety. Our Skinny Boy is great at listening and very attuned to being careful. Our Buddha Boy is better at visual learning not verbal instruction. This is where we love the Parking Pal. We have one of these on our big van for him to put his hand on when we are in any carpark, etc., and we can be sure he will be safely out of harms way.

We also really love this product as it is great for kids with special needs. It is visually stimulating, clearly indicates what is expected of the child and is a tool to help parents effectively comunicate. We have found it relieves that frustration when your attention is diverted for just one second.

They can also be used as time out pals.

Have a read of their reviews, testimonials and a great video on their significance in reducing unnecessary child injury.


  • Help reduce injuries to children in parking lots
  • Heighten awareness of the dangers in parking lots


Parents, grandparents, day-care providers, aunts, uncles, friends, or whoever is caring for a child can be easily distracted in parking lots. Loading or unloading packages, rifling for keys, tending to the baby, or helping elderly parents can take precious attention away from our children, leaving them vulnerable to a number of dangerous situations. Other drivers can't see when they back up because the car next to them is too large or they're distracted by their cell phones, or blind spots make it easy for them to overlook small children who may be behind them. And children, well, they don't always do what they're told or stay where they should. It only takes one second for tragedy to strike.


Place the Parking Pal on the side of your vehicle, where it will remain safely attached at all times. It was specifically designed with bright colors, playful illustrations, and a small palm children love to place their hands on. After a couple learning sessions, your child will discover that the Parking Pal is their safe spot, and they will know where to go the second they are outside the car. It also helps teach them that parking lots are no place to play.

Classic designs available.

Parking Pals

Alpha Pal

Parking Pals

Butterfly Pal

Parking Pals

Fish Pal

Parking Pals

Flower Pal

Parking Pals

Monster Pal

Parking Pals

Numbers Pal

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