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Need a quick tutorial on pockets, have a look at the Cloth Nappy Doctors Ecourse, HERE.

If you have been looking at cheap cloth nappies and concerned about the quality and absorbency, then the economical cloth nappies are the avenue to consider to truly start your cloth nappy journey. 

Pocket cloth nappies are popular for their simplicity. A pocket and an insert. There are lots of ways to design the insert, with lots of material options too. 

What to consider when choosing a pocket cloth nappy? Are you happy with a stay dry (polyester) layer against their skin? Are you happy to stuff pocket cloth nappies? Are you happy to un-stuff the nappy when washing? 

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Rumparooz Pocket Cloth Nappy - One Size
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AppleCheeks Cover Size 1 (3-9kg)
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AppleCheeks Cover Size 3 - 13-30+kg
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Apple Cheeks Insert Pk 2
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