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Seedling Baby Luxury Liners - 10 Pack - 30*12cm

Seedling Baby Luxury Liners - 10 Pack - 30*12cm

Seedling Baby Luxury Liners - 10 Pack - 30*12cm

Option Price:$10.46
Retail Price:$14.95
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If there’s one accessory that simplifies cloth nappies, it’s liners. And when you want a liner that can be reused hundreds of times, yet retain it’s luxurious softness, you can’t go past Luxury Liners by Seedling Baby.

Material: Microfleece

Size: 30 x 12 cm

Pack Size: 10


What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

Designed to fit comfortably inside most nappies, simply lay one inside any nappy to create a soft moisture barrier and help prevent staining. These liners from Seedling Baby are wider than many other liners, making them great for large cloth nappies or folded over for newborn nappies for additional staydry layer.

A cost analysis of reusable versus disposable nappy liners, based on disposable liners at $12.30 per 100 and reusable liners at $14.95 per 10. Purchasing 30 Luxury Liners will cost $45 for thel lifetime of your baby's cloth nappy journey (2-3 years). Continual purchase of disposable liners for 6000 nappy changes over 3 years equates to $738.

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