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Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin 56g

Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin 56g

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Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin is rated above pharmaceutical grade with no additives or preservatives.

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

Two ounces or 56g of solid lanolin will go a long way. To use you only need to a teaspoon amount when lanolising your wool covers. 

Solid lanolin is also used by breastfeeding mothers to help heal sore or cracked nipples*.

For dry, chapped hands or lips, try solid lanolin to soothe and repair.

To Use: 

Add a teaspoon or less to approx 5L of warm water and a few drops of baby shampoo, swirl to distribute. 
Add your wool to the lanolin rich water. Ensure the lanolin is well dispersed in the warm water.
Soak your wool cover for a minimum of 15 minutes or over night. 
Remove extra water from your wool by rolling it in a towel and then lay flat to air dry.

Please note this process is applicable for one wool cover. It is not possible to double the amount lanolise 2 wool covers, as all of the lanolin will gravitate to the first one.

*The scented variety of this product has an amount of essential oil that is meant to leave a light fragrance on the wool. It is not recommended that the scented lanolin be used while nursing unless it is wiped off prior to breastfeeding. The unscented variety is our recommendation of purchasing this product for nipple care. 

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