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Simply Cloth Birdseye Flat Cloth Nappy - Organic Cotton - 70*70cm

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Simply Cloth Birdseye Flat Cloth Nappy - Organic Cotton - 70*70cm

Simply Cloth Birdseye Flat Cloth Nappy - Organic Cotton - 70*70cm

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Simply Cloth Birdseye Flat Cloth Nappies are your economical cloth nappy-ing option. These organic cotton flat cloth nappies are fabulous from newborn. A flat nappy allows you to customise the folds to suit the age, absorbency needs and size of your baby. Add more boosting as your child grows. Easily alter the fold for a better fit. 


Type: Flat
Cover: Required
Material: Organic Cotton
Fixing: Snappi or safety pins required or fold to lay in cover
Sizing: OSFM 70*70cm
Owned: Australia
Warranty : 6 months

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

Simply Cloth Birdseye Flat Nappies are the original style of cloth nappies. We receive continual requests for these hard to find flat cloth nappies.

Simply Cloth flat nappies are made from soft 100% birdseye weave organic cotton and sewn to the dimensions of approx 70*70cm. A perfect size from newborn to toddlers. Easily add more boosting or alter the fold to allow for absorbency changes are your little one grows. Customisation is easy with flat nappies.

Simply Cloth Flat nappies also have a multitude of other uses including as burp cloths, lap pads, changing pads, dish towels, house cleaning, applying and removing facials, and cleaning your glasses, windows, and screens. Use the flat nappies after their time as a cloth nappy.  

Flat nappies are the least expensive way to cloth nappy your baby! Use these Simply Cloth flat nappies with PUL covers, wool soakers or pull on pants. 

As these are a one size cloth nappy, use two flat nappies (or more) when you need additional absorbency for overnight or heavy wetter.

Use and Care:

- allow up to 5 washes for flat nappies to reach full absorbency. 

- please allow for 5-10% of shrinkage. Sizing will vary between supply batches, generally sizing will be square however batch variance can also slightly affect the symmetry. 

- dry clean and ast on your line or on low in your dryer. They are a one size fits all diaper that needs to be folded to fit your baby. Use can use two diapers (or more) when you need extra absorbency for overnight or heavy wetters.

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip

Use Simply Cloth flat nappies as boosters to one size or sized cloth nappies. 

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