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Simply Cloth Bamboo/organic Cotton Newborn Prefold

Simply Cloth Bamboo/organic Cotton Newborn Prefold

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Simply Cloth newborn prefolds are made from bamboo and organic cotton making them soft and trim for those first few weeks of your newborn's life. 


Type: Prefold
Cover: Required, available here.
Material: Bamboo?Organic cotton
Sizing: Sized, available in newborn
Owned: Australia
Warranty: 6 months

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

Simply Cloth newborn prefolds are made from bamboo and organic cotton twill. They come in an unbleached colour that is incredibly soft and become more snuggly the more you wash them. 

Simply Cloth newborn prefolds are designed to be absorbent and super trim for those little legs and bodies. 

Use the Simply Cloth newborn prefolds with a Snappi or pins using the Angel fold or fold in three and place in a newborn cover.

We recommend using a newborn cover for these prefolds to ensure a trim and secure fit. One size covers can be used, please ensure the fit is suitable.

The Simply Cloth prefold system is designed to be an economical absorbency solution for your little newborn, that is absorbent and soft. 

Sizes available:

Newborn: roughly 24 x 34cm · 2 - 6 kg (4 - 9 lb) - 2 x 6 x 2 (ply) Perfect fit with a Rumparooz newborn cover.
Infant and Toddler size coming soon. 

Care Information

* these nappies should be washed and dried 3-5 times before using to remove the natural oils and waxes.
Please expect an approximate shrinkage of up to 25% after completing the pre-washes. The prefolds will become very soft and waffle-like increasing absorbency. 

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip
If you find you need further absorbency, use two newborn prefolds for longer nap times or car trips. Plus Simply Cloth newborn prefolds make fabulous boosters for one size nappies!!

Packages Available

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