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Splashabout Happy Nappy - Sized - NEW DESIGN

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Splashabout Happy Nappy - Sized - NEW DESIGN

Splashabout Happy Nappy - Sized - NEW DESIGN

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Size and Design

Type: Swim nappy
Cover: Neoprene
Lining: Polyester
Fixing: Pull up
Sizing: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Manufacturing: UK
Warranty: One month

Comments: These are a fabulous swim nappy for containment. Splash About have improved their design with new sizing. Make sure you measure your childs waist and thigh to obtain the correct fit.

The New and Improved Happy Nappy by Splash About is insisted upon by swim schools, pool owners and leisure facilities globally to help protect other babies and swimmers from faecal accidents into the water. 

Super soft neoprene is shaped into two back pieces, which cup the baby’s bottom. 

These are held securely in place by a gusset, whilst specialist waist and leg fabric grips comfortably, yet snugly, to your child’s body.  

This ensures that no matter however they move and twist in the water there is no gaping. 

The front rib of the nappy is designed to roll gently down under the tummy button to form a seal against the neoprene. 

Splash About have created this ergonomically form fitting nappy to be secure yet comfortable no matter how hard they play and kick in the water. 

To keep babies and other swimmers safe in the pool ensure you wear the new Improved Happy Nappy from Splash About – changing the world one bottom at a time.

Unique patented design for the best protection against faecal leaks

Technologically advanced for the best fit and comfort

Ergonomic panel design moves as your child moves

UPF 50+ for that extra sun protection

Sizing: (size, age, waist, thigh)

Small 0-3 months waist 34-41cm thigh 17-22cm

Medium 3-6 months waist 37-44cm thigh 19-24cm

Large 6-12 months waist 40-47cm thigh 20-26cm

XL 1-2 years waist 42-50cm thigh 22-31cm

XXL 2-3 years waist 44-52cm thigh 26-33cm

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