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Super Undies HERO Pull-Up Pants and Insert - sized - CLEARANCE

Super Undies HERO Pull-Up Pants and Insert - sized - CLEARANCE
Microfibre insert

Super Undies HERO Pull-Up Pants and Insert - sized - CLEARANCE

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Size and design

Super Undies HERO Pull-up Night-time pants are the super absorbent offering for children who require pull-up pants due to night time bedwetting. Super Undies are designed to assist in boosting your childs' confidence and independence. Due to the all in two design of the Hero pull up pants, you can purchase additional inserts for the outer cover, while the 


Type: All in two pull-up pant. Insert separates from the outer pant.
Cover: Cotton/microfleece/PUL - 2 layers
Inner material: Stay dry material
Absorbency: Microfibre, up to 540ml. Dependant upon size and childs' output.
Size 0 - N/A years - waist 38-46cm - leg 18-25cm

Size 1 - 3 years - waist 41-51cm - leg 21-30cm

Size 2 - 4 to 6 years - waist 46-53cm - leg 23-35cm

Size 3 - 6 to 9 years - waist 51-61cm - leg 28-38cm

Size 4 - 9 to 10 years - waist 56-66cm - leg 32-43cm

Sizing is provided as a guide only. Please contact for further assistance if required.

Owned: USA
Manufacturing: USA
Warranty: 60 Days

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

The Super Undies Hero Pull up pants are a more absorbent overnight option than the Super Undies Night-time pant. Are you searching for a better overnight option? Super Undies Nighttime Hero underwear provides triple waterproof protection that lasts 6-8 hours* for extra comfort. 

Soft pliable fleece at the waist and legs allows for another layer of leakage protection for side sleepers and reduced rubbing from straight elactic style pull-up pants.


Each insert is designed to lay in the double gusset panel of the pull up pant outer. The insert has a pocket and an additional microfibre insert so that you customise your absorbency for your child.

The Hero Insert Set is designed to fit perfectly in the hero, but if you need to add even more absorbency you may do so. If your insert fits in the Hero Insert pocket, then go for it, otherwise, put your insert behind your Hero Insert Set.

With triple waterproof barriers these would be hard to get to leak, but we have met those occasional kids with "Super Powers." In this case, you need to experiment with a formula.

Kids Pee Output


Undies Absorbency Power

The trick is to match or beat your child's output with absorbency. If you are sure you already are, then your fabrics may be repelling liquid. 


Wash with medium heat. Dry on medium or hang dry. Never use bleach.


Common questions from parents.

Will my child sleep better? 


A child who wets the bed and leaks out will feel the cold in their sleep. This could lead to a disrupted nights sleep for your child and you. Super Undies assist in containing wetness, and by holding it in the undies, the wetness remains the same temperature as their body. They can’t even feel it now. Some kids wake up and don't know if they wet until they check the undies!


How do Super Undies feel? 


There’s a stigma attached with disposables pull up pant nappies for children who are older and understand what makes them different. Super Undies are designed to look like pants and to provide your child with comfort, security and confidence. These bedwetting pants are super soft around the legs and waist, and great care was taken in the pattern to make sure you get a smooth inner feel. We've never heard complaints of them being scratchy. The only complaint we sometimes hear is that the undies can be bulky. We are tasked with the job of using enough absorbency to match your child's output, and if we miss the mark and they leak, you'll be mad at us. We use enough absorbency to handle what most kids can pee out.


How many of these would I need?

We recommend two for a rotation, that way one item doesn't take all the wear from daily laundering. Anything item of clothing you buy will have a shorter life span the more it is laundered, so rotating your Super Undies will keep them lasting longer. Washing them in a garment bag, not using bleach, and not using fabric softener!


Will my kid like these?

I would like you to show your child the item before purchasing. Due to the sensitive nature of the product and the cost we incur by producing in American, we only offer exchanges for new items. Starting with gathering your child's opinion can be valuable in making sure he will wear them.

Will they get hot?

Heat comes from a waterproof barrier not being breathable, so air doesn't circulate. All a disposable nappy is really is a thin plastic trash bag with SAP in it. The ones that "cool" are covered in a chemical compound that creates a reaction (against your kids skin) when wet. Our bedwetting underwear doesn't count on plastic for it's waterproofing. We use PUL, a 1 mil breathable laminate on a non-wicking polyester fabric. That means our Nighttime Undies are cooler that the disposable competition. And better for the environment. And better for your kids skin. And made in American. And Super Undies in family owned. Doesn't that make your heart happy?


What size would I need?

Please refer to the sizing tab and measure your child. We use age recommendations as a guideline, but it is no replacement for measuring! And remember, The waistband of our bedwetting pants folds down so size up the waist and rise. This means you want to focus on your leg measurement and hopefully get it right in the middle of the given range.


Coming Soon

Additional Resources

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip

Washing your Super Undies.


We always recommend washing our products in a garment bag. This will help prevent the inserts from getting caught around the agitator in your washing machine (if you have one) and getting torn or ripped away at the seam of the diaper.

We first recommend washing your Super Undies on either a warm, or cold wash prior to use once you have made sure the product fits your child. 

Once the product has been used we recommend using a diaper sprayer to rid the diaper of any solids into your toilet. 

If your Super Undies are soiled, use the diaper sprayer, or just shake the solids out into the toilet. To help reduce stains you will want to cold rinse and throw it into a open top bucket, or wet bag keeping it wet until you are ready to wash. You will want to wash our products every day or every other day. You will want to use your washing machines highest water level available. You may need to pre-rinse with no detergent and then follow through with a warm wash with detergent. You can then dry our products either in the dryer on low, or line dry them or a combination of both.

Please note that cotton is a natural fiber and does have a tendency to fray. Fraying of any cotton product is not considered a defect but rather something that can naturally occur.

You will want to avoid using chlorine bleach on a regular basis. It will start to break down the fibres and shorten the life and absorbency of the diapers. It also may irritate your child's skin. You also want to avoid using any fabric softeners, liquid or sheets. Fabric softeners coat the absorbent layers of the diapers and will reduce absorbency.

To lengthen the life of your Super Undies you will want to hang dry your diapers overnight, or partially dry in the dryer and then hang dry after a cold rinse. You can use 1/2 c. of lemon juice to whiten, or sun them in cold weather to freshen and remove stains.

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