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Super Undies Soaker Pod - CLEARANCE

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Super Undies Soaker Pod - CLEARANCE

Super Undies Soaker Pod - CLEARANCE

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Super Undies Soaker Pods come in your choice of microfibre or cotton. These inserts are designed for additional absorbency exactly where you need it. You know, boys need it at the front and girls need it in the middle.   


Material: Cotton OR microfibre.
15cm square. 

Position/Purpose: Additional booster for increased absorbency at specific zones within the SuperUndies pull up pants. Front for the boys and the middle for girls.

Owned: USA
Manufacturing: USA
Warranty: Consumer Law

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

The innovative Soaker Pod available in cotton or microfibre insert is designed to give you a customizable option when fitting your child’s wetness capacity with absorbency. Stuff the insert within the pocket of the Hero Insert or the pocket of the pull up pants.


If your child still wets through this insert, use additional absorbency to match their output capacity. Most parents start with the microfibre insert, but find if their child needs additional absorbency they add a hemp/cotton insert to assist in holding the liquid from the top microfibre layers. If additional absorbency is required at the front, back or groin, we suggest a one size booster in microfibre or cotton for added effectiveness. 


Commonly Asked Questions

What if this pull up pant insert does not absorb all my child can pee out in one night?

The magic formula for making any cloth overnight product work is to match or beat your child’s output capacity with absorbency. Most parents will find the insert that comes with the product is adequate absorbency for what they need, but some will have to seek additional absorbent options. For this reason, you can always get an additional Step-up Insert and add it behind the Hero Insert Set, or even a cotton washcloth! The cost of using disposables every night for years will seem like a weight off your shoulders if you just find that magic output/absorbency ratio for your undies.

Additional Resources

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip

Washing your Super Undies.


We always recommend washing our products in a garment bag. This will help prevent the inserts from getting caught around the agitator in your washing machine (if you have one) and getting torn or ripped away at the seam of the diaper.

We first recommend washing your Super Undies on either a warm, or cold wash prior to use once you have made sure the product fits your child. 

Once the product has been used we recommend using a diaper sprayer to rid the diaper of any solids into your toilet. 

If your Super Undies are soiled, use the diaper sprayer, or just shake the solids out into the toilet. To help reduce stains you will want to cold rinse and throw it into a open top bucket, or wet bag keeping it wet until you are ready to wash. You will want to wash our products every day or every other day. You will want to use your washing machines highest water level available. You may need to pre-rinse with no detergent and then follow through with a warm wash with detergent. You can then dry our products either in the dryer on low, or line dry them or a combination of both.

Please note that cotton is a natural fiber and does have a tendency to fray. Fraying of any cotton product is not considered a defect but rather something that can naturally occur.

You will want to avoid using chlorine bleach on a regular basis. It will start to break down the fibres and shorten the life and absorbency of the diapers. It also may irritate your child's skin. You also want to avoid using any fabric softeners, liquid or sheets. Fabric softeners coat the absorbent layers of the diapers and will reduce absorbency.

To lengthen the life of your Super Undies you will want to hang dry your diapers overnight, or partially dry in the dryer and then hang dry after a cold rinse. You can use 1/2 c. of lemon juice to whiten, or sun them in cold weather to freshen and remove stains.

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